If you were alive between the dates of June 26, 1997, and July 15, 2011, then you know exactly the phenomenon I’m talking about when I say “The Harry Potter Generation.” Whether you have read every book seven times or just faintly knew about the existence of the series, it was always there in the background. Everyone knows who Harry, Ron, and Hermione are (and they know how to say Hermione’s name). We love Hagrid and Dobby and still despise He Who Must Not Be Named. It’s basically in our DNA.

Even though the outstanding series has come to an end in both a literary and cinematic sense, the effects are everlasting. There will be objects, names, and words we could never look at without immediately thinking about The Boy Who Lived. In a way, we are all nostalgic for a place and a world we’ve never been.

1. Receiving our acceptance letters on our 11th birthdays

Nothing was quite as soul-crushing as checking the mail on the day of our 11th birthday and not seeing the parchment envelope with the red Hogwarts stamp sealing it shut in the mailbox. But remember, there is hope. Voldemort destroyed all the muggle-born records for the 1990s, so it’s possible the letter was just never sent.

2. Confused as to why the U.S. and U.K. versions of the first book were titled differently

Philosopher's Stone vs. Sorcerer's Stone. Does it make a difference?

3. “No Post on Sunday!”

After that scene in the first book where the owls keep coming to Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia’s house with Harry’s acceptance letter and Uncle Vernon sealed every entrance way to the house, this phrase will never be the same.

4. Wanting to visit Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade

What could be better than shopping in a quaint little magical town full of wonders and surprises beyond your wildest imagination? Nothing, really. Plus, Butterbeer sounds delicious.

5. “It’s levi-O-sa not levi-o-SAR”

Swish and flick, ladies and gentlemen, swish and flick.

6. Knowing where to avoid if you ever found yourself on Hogwarts' grounds

The Whomping Willow, the Shrieking Shack, and the Forbidden Forest to name a few (honestly, it’s called “forbidden” for a reason).

7. Wanting to know what your Amortentia potion would smell like

Really Hermione? Ron’s hair? Could you be more obvious?

8. Also wanting to know what your Patronus would be

Not today, dementors. My Jack Russell Terrier will protect me.

9. The Tri-Wizard Tournament

It's all fun and games until Voldemort shows up, kills your partner, and takes your blood.

10. Continuously having mixed emotions about Draco Malfoy

He was a little thorn and an instigator, but wasn’t he really just a troubled boy socialized by his parents who were following the Dark Lord?

11. Feeling slightly sympathetic when finding out Tom Riddle's childhood

He was thrown some hard times in life, and it's clear to see why he turned out the way he did.

12. Seeing anything that has a lightning bolt and immediately associating it with Harry Potter

That lightning bolt emoji is definitely for Harry Potter and don’t tell me otherwise.

13. Wondering what house you would be sorted in

But we all have our preferences. (Go! Go! Gryffindor!)

14. Low-key wanting a Dark Mark Tattoo even though it is symbol of the worst possible thing

Still would look bloody wicked though.

15. Wanting to join the Order of Phoenix

Hogwarts is my home. I will defend it.

16. Always being confused about the horcruxes.

Nagini was one? Harry was one? J.K. Rowling, how does your mind work?

17. Not knowing if you would want the Deathly Hallows or not

Being the master of death would be cool, but at what cost?

18. "You have your mother's eyes"

Just don't bring it up, please, ever.

19. The deaths you will never get over.

Was Dobby necessary? Was Fred necessary? Tonks and Lupin? They had a child.

20. Clinging onto Harry Potter and refusing to ever let go.

You can’t tell me it’s all over. I will watch every Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family and read the books until I absorb every detail. It can’t be over.