20 Signs You Went To Catholic School

These are things that anyone who has gone to catholic school will find relatable.

1. There is always your school's saint statue in front of the building along with many more inside the building.

2. Having to wear a uniform for 14 years of your life!

3. On the rare occasion when you got to dress down, deciding on what to wear takes forever!

4. Girls having to abide by the "no makeup, no nail polish" rule.

5. ...and the "no colorful hair" rule.

6. Don't forget the jumpers and blouses the girls would have to wear! Guys were so lucky they could wear pants!

7. The girls automatically knowing who amongst them was a "skirt roller."

8. Going to school with the same 25 kids for 11 years of your life!

9. Starting off your day with the daily prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

10. Having to learn cursive in third grade, and teachers telling you how important it is. Which of course you never used again...

11. Going to Mass at least twice a week like it was your job.

12. Everyone either became an altar server or lector, usually not voluntarily.

13. When there were too many of you to fit in a Church, the auditorium became your place of worship for the time being.

14. At some point in your Catholic school life, you were given a cross to wear, usually in honor of your senior year.

15. Catholic school usually ended in you going on at least one Religious Retreat, and you always enjoyed it!

16. Having a Walk-A-Thon every year to raise funds for the school's latest project.

17. Signing each others shirts on the last day of wearing a uniform to class. And sadly knowing that it would be the last time ever wearing a uniform again!

18. Having everyone sign your yearbook from the teachers to best friends.

19. Realizing that your catholic school days are coming to an end. Luckily your memories last forever.

20. Finally graduating with your best friend after being together in catholic elementary school and high school for the last 15 years. Also realizing that you would have never met if you didn't go to catholic school.

I am so grateful to have gone to catholic school for my entire life, it was a wonderful experience filled with incredible people that I'll never forget!

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