Here we are, back on the grind. Summer lasted twelve minutes and now it’s time to start learning what chemicals react, why things fall to the earth, and what muscles are involved in inspiration and expiration. Maybe it’s just me and my friends but these are twenty things I think every science major can relate to during the first week of class.

1. “Oh wow! You’re a science major so you must be really smart!” Nope, just a little insane and OK with having no life.

2.If I’m a science major, why am I taking an English course

3. That one professor that has a “It’s in the syllabus” or “Everything I say will be on the exam” shirt….

4. Already knowing Chemistry Lab is designed to kill you. No matter if you took it in high school, chemistry lab in college is not the same. Also, it’s not a party lab.

5. “You’ll use all this information when you become doctors” That’d be great if I was trying to become a doctor but I’m not so….

6. No crying... Yet, that comes next week.

7. Every science class spends the first week teaching Chemistry again… Like nope, I’ve taken two years of chemistry so I don’t need you to teach me what an atom is thank you though.

8. Already thinking about that first exam. Realistically though, you’re still going to cram for it.

9. I need to change my major

10. “You can always switch to business”… I’d rather die but thanks for the suggestion.

11. Getting false hope and thinking that the first week of classes represents the rest of the year.

12. Low Key getting excited to learn about the Mucociliated Escalatory Tract.

13. When all the technology that’s supposed to make your learning easier doesn’t work.

14. Professor spends five minutes discussing the syllabus before saying “ Alright lets just dive right into chapter one”.

15. Every time you cross the street thinking about how much money and stress you’d save if a car just plowed into you.

16. Becoming best friends with people in the same major because you can have 1 am mental break downs that ultimately turn studying into playing dirty hangman.

17. The stress inducing urge to binge, be it Netflix, comfort food, Peanut Butter, or alcohol.

18. Then having to go to the gym to burn off steam and those extra 7 pounds you gained from stress eating.

19. You learn to check blackboard everyday, even on weekends.

20. Realizing just how much you love your major even though it gives you a weekly mental breakdown.

Yes, science majors sacrifice our mental stability and much of our social life for classes that make us want to die but, we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the challenge that pulled us toward science and that’s what drives us. So yes, I will b*tch and complain about my major but I love it just as much as I hate it.