20 Reasons To Be In The Pride Of Oklahoma
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20 Reasons To Be In The Pride Of Oklahoma

Being in The Pride is the best decision you could possibly make.

20 Reasons To Be In The Pride Of Oklahoma
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Anyone who has ever been to an OU game has seen The Pride of Oklahoma marching, but only the members know the best parts.

1. Free Football Games

While everyone else has to pay to get into the games, The Pride gets to go to all of the home games and several of the away games for FREE!

2. Free Nike Gear

Few people know this, but The Pride is considered an athletic band. As part of the athletic department, we get a lot of the same freebies, including several dry fit shirts and caps among other things

3. Free Travel

We go to at least three away games as a whole band and there is a pep band at the other games. Bowl trips are a BLAST!

4. Free Food

We usually get fed every game day rehearsal and during every game. We also get per diem on away trips and bowl trips.

5. iPads

Last year was the first year of the iPad initiative. Every member gets their own iPad to use for the whole season for whatever they want as long as they don't damage it and have it at rehearsal with the required apps. These apps are also provided, of course.

6. Awesome Workout

Marching is a great workout by itself, but we also do workout in our everyday rehearsals.

7. Nice Tan

Being outside almost every day of the week, you get some awesome tan lines. Of course, you also get the not so awesome sock line, but the rest makes up for it.

8. TV Time

You'll be "famous". Ok, so maybe that's not true, but your family will take pictures or videos of the TV when you're on it and tag you on Facebook.

9. Never Bored on Weekends

Almost every weekend, we're at a football game. When you have an off weekend, you'll probably spend it with your new friends you've made in Pride!

10. Great Friends

There are so many people in The Pride, you're bound to make friends. Some of your best friends will be part of the organization. The Pride is actually more like a family.

11. Get Connected

There are so many different majors represented in The Pride. I can almost guarantee you'll find someone with the same major as you. You also get to know upperclassmen that will be there for you and be willing you to mentor you in more than just Pride related things.

12. Teamwork

You really learn to work as a group in an organization like this. It also looks great on a resume because of the character building.

13. Surrounded by Great Musicians

The Pride is an auditioned ensemble, so of course the musicians are great.

14. Find Future Roommates

I know so many people who have found their roommates just within The Pride. The people are great, so it only makes sense that you'd want to live with them.

15. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma

Kappa Kappa Psi is the band fraternity and Tau Beta Sigma is the band sorority. Both are co-ed and are full of wonderful people of all different kinds of majors who just want to make the band better! They do so much for the organization.

16. Supportive Staff

The staff are always there to listen to you if you're struggling. They care about each and every one of the members and will listen whether you're struggles are with classes, your personal life, or anything else.

17. Escape the Stress of Class

When in Pride, you get lost in the music and the friendships. It's a great way to forget the stress of classes, even if just for a little bit.

18. Self Expression

Music is a great way to express yourself. Game days are also a great time to express yourself through goofy dancing to cadences and things like that.

19. Singing the Chant

After every game, we sing the chant. If you think band kids can't sing, you're wrong. The harmonies of the band singing together are absolutely beautiful.

20. Memories to Last a Lifetime

Of all my college memories, the memories I've made in The Pride are by far the most memorable and the best ones I've ever had.

If you're in The Pride, good. If not, and you know how to play an instrument, you should get on that.

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