Every '90s baby's favorite Nickelodeon cast is back on TV. That's right folks - Amanda, Nancy, Drake, and Josh all in one show that can be on your TV at 11 p.m. TONIGHT on TeenNick.The Amanda Show is back on television and there are uncountable reasons to be excited. The legendary show came back to TV June 11th and has fans going absolutely crazy. If you are anything like me, you still find yourself quoting things from this unforgettable show. For those who were truly dedicated watchers of the show back in the day, here are 20 reasons why you should be overly excited for the return of a masterpiece of a TV show:

1. Debbie:

"I like eggs, eggs I like, like I eggs."

2. Blockblister:

"Snowy Day!"

3. Totally Kyle:

"And the spider was all, Ah Kyle!"

4. The amazing infomercials:

The Boost, the Spitball 3000, Popper Pants, Mammal O's, Little Crazy Hat Man - you name it!

5. Courtney:

"Eatin' yogurt!

6.Mr. Oldman:

"What's wrong with my clams?"

7. The audience that you always thought was real:

Let's face it, you always wanted to be in the audience.

8. Josh's various wigs:

Always the same style, but different colors.

9. Melanie and Thad:

"I'm Thad."

10. Tony Pajamas:

"Tony it's the Aldente brothers, they got eggs!"

11. The Hillbillies:

"Want to hear a knock knock joke?"

12. When Bradys Attack:

"I used to think Marsha was hot, until she mauled me."

13. Penelope:


14. The catchy theme song:

And later realizing you could have written the song yourself.

15. Judge Trudy:

"Court dismissed, bring in the -" ... You know how to finish it.

16. Mr. Gullible:

"Macaroni salad!"

17. Moody's Point:

"Dawson had a creek... Moody, had a point."

18.The guest stars you had no idea were on the show:

Now you can watch the show and recognize all of them.

19. Amanda's Jacuzzi:

"Yo, yo, yo."

20. The Cute 90s Outfits:

These can give you some inspiration if you are going for the vintage look.

Hopefully this took you back to the days you would come home from school, grab a juice box, and turn on The Amanda Show. Well guess what? Now you can do it again! Well, at 11PM every night. So get ready to relive the glory days and tune in to the Amanda Show at on TeenNick's "The Splat." In fact, TeenNick is not only airing the Amanda show, but also some other 90s classics such as "Hey Arnold," "Rugrats," and "Catdog." Hopefully you get a chance to watch and also get a chance to introduce this part of your childhood to those who did not get to experience that generation of amazing TV.

Well, this article has come to a close - bring in the dancing lobsters!