20 Quotes For Your 20s
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20 Quotes For Your 20s

Dreamers find opportunity in even the most ordinary of places.

20 Quotes For Your 20s

Ah, finals week is upon us and with it comes carpal tunnel, sleep deprivation, the returning caffeine addiction and maybe an existential crisis (or two). It's hard to believe that a few exams can affect our future so greatly and sometimes it's even harder to see the bigger picture of when our efforts today will finally pay off tomorrow...

Millennials are sometimes often viewed as lazy, wrongfully hopeful dreamers coasting into adulthood with no real plan of where we're going next. But maybe being a dreamer isn't necessarily a bad thing and the reason our desires are mistaken for complacency is because we know that we are capable of achieving any of these wild, fantastic endeavors by thinking outside the box instead. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that we have to start somewhere--we can't become CEOs, save lives, create the next Facebook, or land on the moon without putting in the tough hours now. Your intro to psychology class might not seem worth it today but (who knows?) it might inspire you to switch majors and meet a professor who supports your work, introduce you to lasting friendships or the person you share your life with. That's the thing about dreamers: we find opportunity in even the most ordinary of places.

If you're a college student struggling to make it through these last few weeks, or a twenty-something still searching for purpose in an unforgiving grown-up world, read on for quotes that will inspire you to have faith in the journey and all the small steps along the way, no matter what unconventional course they might lead you. The world is waiting out there, go make it yours.



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