Politics can be terribly divisive: angry Facebook posts, ridiculous tweets from presidential candidates, and the media blowing everything out of proportion. It seems that politics is becoming less and less enjoyable as people argue more instead of listening to the other side. In this bipartisan system, where can people find common ground?

I think one thing we can all appreciate are GIFs. Whether in Odyssey articles, Tumblr posts, or Facebook feeds, GIFs are always a solid way of boosting the awesomeness of whatever you're talking about. So the next time you're in a heated political argument with someone, send them one of these GIFs. It'll help with your argument (maybe), and at least lighten the mood. Or maybe you're just in a mood that can only be explained by Bernie Sanders waving his hands around or Hillary Clinton shaking her head in disapproval. Whatever your situation, here are some political GIFs to help you out.

1. For when you're happy:

2. And for when you're sad:

3. When you make a point and no one can argue against it:

4. Here's a good reaction GIF for all of those stupid Facebook arguments you see in your feed...

5. But then someone says something you agree with:

6. And you casually interject your opinion.

SNL during presidential campaigns is always fun. Props to Larry David for doing an awesome job of impersonating Sanders!

7. And then you have to break up the argument before things gets too crazy.

8. When just... no:

Clinton is having none of that.

9. For when you are, um, celebrating Bernie's stance on certain recreational activities:

10. For when you’re just plain confused. Perplexed. And amused... all at once!

Donald Trump understands your emotions.

11. For when you miss your pets:

See, even puppies bring out the best in politicians.

12. For when you're just not impressed by the other person's political statement.

You could say this is a very unamused Ted Cruz.

13. When you’re just done with everything and everyone.

14. For when it’s time to party.

15. For those times you feel like you're a being a boss at life.

Politicians sure like to wave their hands around...

16. The face of disapproval.

17. And the Trump himself with a sign of approval.

18. Perhaps this is your face when you meet someone with the same political views as you.

"You're a fan of O'Malley's band, too?" *smitten*

19. Maybe politics got you so down, you need to eat all of the feelings away...

20. And, finally, when you just don't know what people are debating about anymore, so you awkwardly stand there and pretend that you do.