20 Political GIFs You Need In Your Life

20 Political GIFs You Need In Your Life

Forget rebuttals. Reaction GIFs are where it's at.

Politics can be terribly divisive: angry Facebook posts, ridiculous tweets from presidential candidates, and the media blowing everything out of proportion. It seems that politics is becoming less and less enjoyable as people argue more instead of listening to the other side. In this bipartisan system, where can people find common ground?

I think one thing we can all appreciate are GIFs. Whether in Odyssey articles, Tumblr posts, or Facebook feeds, GIFs are always a solid way of boosting the awesomeness of whatever you're talking about. So the next time you're in a heated political argument with someone, send them one of these GIFs. It'll help with your argument (maybe), and at least lighten the mood. Or maybe you're just in a mood that can only be explained by Bernie Sanders waving his hands around or Hillary Clinton shaking her head in disapproval. Whatever your situation, here are some political GIFs to help you out.

1. For when you're happy:

2. And for when you're sad:

3. When you make a point and no one can argue against it:

4. Here's a good reaction GIF for all of those stupid Facebook arguments you see in your feed...

5. But then someone says something you agree with:

6. And you casually interject your opinion.

SNL during presidential campaigns is always fun. Props to Larry David for doing an awesome job of impersonating Sanders!

7. And then you have to break up the argument before things gets too crazy.

8. When just... no:

Clinton is having none of that.

9. For when you are, um, celebrating Bernie's stance on certain recreational activities:

10. For when you’re just plain confused. Perplexed. And amused... all at once!

Donald Trump understands your emotions.

11. For when you miss your pets:

See, even puppies bring out the best in politicians.

12. For when you're just not impressed by the other person's political statement.

You could say this is a very unamused Ted Cruz.

13. When you’re just done with everything and everyone.

14. For when it’s time to party.

15. For those times you feel like you're a being a boss at life.

Politicians sure like to wave their hands around...

16. The face of disapproval.

17. And the Trump himself with a sign of approval.

18. Perhaps this is your face when you meet someone with the same political views as you.

"You're a fan of O'Malley's band, too?" *smitten*

19. Maybe politics got you so down, you need to eat all of the feelings away...

20. And, finally, when you just don't know what people are debating about anymore, so you awkwardly stand there and pretend that you do.

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I Don't Refrigerate My Ketchup And Neither Should You

No this isn't really an article about ketchup

DISCLAIMER: If you expect to read an entire article about a bottle of Heinz, you are about to be severely let down.

You read the title right, I, nor does my family, refrigerate their ketchup bottles. It always kind of had to do with the concept of not liking col Look it up people! Contrary to popular belief, a ketchup bottle is not required to be refrigerated. Just think about all those room temperature bottles sitting on the tables of restaurants legitimately EVERYWHERE. So you may think I'm a weirdo (I mean, in part, you're not wrong), but to each their own. Maybe I do things a little differently, but just because it isn't your way, doesn't mean it's wrong. That doesn't mean you shouldn't carve your own path.

We hear it time and time again; you can be anything you want to be, as long as we work hard to get there. We'll even hear that it may be difficult to get there, but sometimes we aren't clued into the concept that the destination we strive to reach may not have a path associated with it yet. Perhaps it is you who has to create it. A linear path is boring, so go explore, go design, go make the most of this world. In doing so, you are shaping yourself and your own character, your own identity. If we followed the same path as the person before us, we would be stripping ourselves of innovation. In short, we'd be really freaking boring.

Why are we so quick to follow the leader? Why do we take the shortcuts? Why don't we trust ourselves in discovering some really amazing things in this life? I invite you to take a step out of your comfort zone and see this world from a different vantage point. I encourage you to trust your gut and go after what you've had your eye on for all this time. I applaud you for knowing that any journey will take time and great effort and that what you put in is what you get out, but that has not seemed to stop you yet. Along the way, you may turn heads; people may question your motives, some may be envious of your courage, but whatever you do, do not second guess the fact that you are not a sheep in the herd. You are leading the way to so much more.

Attached to this is appreciating that other people are carving their own paths as well, that we cannot get everyone to be on board with our ideas. In attempting to do so, I'd absolutely be dispelling what I've written about sticking to your guns for the past three paragraphs. So yes, there are a million ways to get from Point A to Point B. Some may seem practical, some may seem longwinded, some may require creativity, and some may be difficult to envision, but each invites us to take on a new perspective, to see life through a different lens. This breeds the opportunity to learn from human beings, see what sets their heart aflame. This is where we take a step back from our routines and our sense of normalcy and see the world through the eyes of someone else. This is where we master the art of compromise, put away our stubbornness for awhile and see how two ideas can merge together to create another innovative opportunity.

In my short 22 years, I learned early that if my options are slim, I can create my own. If my values are not matched with the world I am surrounded by, make a change. If my path and your path cross over and we don't get along, tell me about it, so I can learn and gain more understanding for this big, vast, place we live in. So really, try this whole ketchup thing. Be your own person. Don't be afraid to slip away from these hypothetical standards that we hold ourselves to. Set yourself a part and go after whatever it is you've been eyeing. You'll only be mad at yourself if you don't. And on the real, try not refrigerating your ketchup, it really is quite liberating.

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Poetry On Odyssey: A Comment

How easy it is for a comment online to spark inspiration, as well as a corrupted society

You thrive behind a machine.

You spite words you don't understand.

And cast blame on those who are easily unseen.

I wish you could comprehend,

The hate you create from your keys,

The soft clicking you use to defend,

Defending a means,

A means that brings people to their knees.

And not with hope, not with admiration,

But with a fear,

A fear that thrills the entire nation.

You decide to remain on a side.

A side that is all about you.

So I suppose, there is no better place for your pride.

You call us children,

For believing in change.

You call us alien,

But to us, everyone is allowed to be their own kind of strange.

We don't expect you to change your views.

We don't expect you to understand our truths.

But everyday there is different news.

We will fight for our right to be our own,

And stand together.

Helping and understanding.

Because our mission is to make the world better.

Cover Image Credit: via Flickr

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