20 Items Everyone Needs To Pack For College
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20 Items Everyone Needs To Pack For College

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20 Items Everyone Needs To Pack For College

It's summer and school or college is right around the corner! Back-to-school shopping for college is a whole new ball game. I have pulled together my list of items that I think everyone needs to pack for college.

I was the girl who had everything written down, planned out, and triple checked. I also watched every college prep video ever created on YouTube. Trust me, you're in good hands.

1. A water filter.

This comes in handy if you are living in the dorms. Usually every lobby has a water fountain, but you are not going to want to walk all the way down there every time you need a cup. With a water filter, you will have fresh AND water conveniently at your finger tips. Not to mention how iffy dorm water can taste.

2. A hat.

Whether you are a girl or boy, this is important. You are going to sleep in later than you planned and your class will be on the other side of campus. Just pop on your hat and some tennis shoes -- and run for your life. Which leads me to the next item.

3. Tennis shoes.

Whether you're going to a tiny, private campus or a huge, public one, tennis shoes are the best choice of footwear because get ready to walk. Chaco's are up there as well.

4. A steamer.

I kid you not, one of the best purchases I ever made for college. It's literally a hand-held iron except for minus the ironing board and the iron itself. *check to see if your dorm allows one*

5. Pick your poison. Tea or coffee?

You will need either an electric kettle (next best bought item) or a coffee maker/Keurig. Neither? Well, you just saved yourself an expense.

6. Plenty of hangers.

Dorms don't usually come with a lot of drawer space. It's best to use hangers.

7. Coffee mugs and bowls.

You can never have too many. And trust me, you will need them.

8. An extra long phone charger.

In your dorm/future home for the next nine months, you won't know where plugs are located in relation to your bed, better to be prepared.

9. Portable chargers (or just have multiple chargers for every device).

This seems extensive, but for as many times that you will go to the library (if you're a nerd like me) then you don't want to risk being stuck without a laptop charger when you're assignment is due at 11:59 and you're charge is on 5%.

10. A step stool.

College dorm beds tend to be a lot higher, so I definitely suggest a step stool of some kind. It saves you from having to run and jump (which is extremely difficult with a steaming hot cup of tea).

11. Movies.

Movie nights are like a rule in college.

12. A bathroom caddy.

This is a must but only if your dorm is a community bath.

13. Blankets. Yes, that's plural.

You just have to trust me on this one.

14. A hair dryer.

In the winter months you will want a hair dryer because when you walk to class with wet hair -- haha hello flu season.

15. An ENO.

A great thing to do if you just want to be out of doors, but an even better study nook.

16. LED lights or some type of small lamp.

If you are a night owl then definitely consider/be considerate of your roommate and get a small light so you don't have to keep the main lights on while she or he is trying to sleep.

17. A comfy mattress pad and protector.

Probably next next best thing I bought for college.

18. Extra converters with multiple outlets.

For these, be sure and check the max voltage your dorm allows.

19. A water bottle.

Staying hydrated means staying healthy. Having a reusable water bottle not only cuts back on the amount of plastic water bottles saved, it's also saving you a trip to the doctor.

The last thing is one of the most common items people forget to bring to college.

Given that you have your own private bathroom.

20. Shower curtain and shower curtain rings.

These are actually kind of important.

One more thing, and it's not a must-have.

21. A MacBook Air.

They are expensive yes, but extremely light and do not weigh down your backpack. However, if you are a computer science major then I suggest you get a PC.

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