When you leave for college, the process of packing is a long and arduous one. Even when you triple-check everything, there's inevitably something you're going to forget. Learn from my mistakes, and remember to take these things with you!


I'm pretty ashamed of myself that this is something I'm admitting I forgot. About two weeks into school, there was a huge rainstorm and I apparently didn't realize that I would need an umbrella to avoid getting soaking wet. (Problem solved however, I brought one back!)

2. Loose Leaf Paper

I'm personally a fan of writing in notebooks, but there will probably be a class where you're going to want to keep everything in a binder. And you might need to hand something in. Don't forget that paper - you'll find a use for it eventually. *Hint: Bring it beforehand - you won't want to drop the cash on the overpriced 150 sheets at the bookstore.

3. Extra Headphones and Chargers

You will inevitably bring them to your friends' room or loan them out and completely forget. Pack an extra!

4. Rainboots

It's not a good day when you realize you haven't brought rainboots and there's puddles of water everywhere.

5. A fan

I can't sleep without a fan blowing in my face (no idea why), but you'll really want one when it's hot in the beginning of the year. Even if you can control your room's temperature, there's a good chance the building's heat is way hotter than you'd like it. It also helps for air circulation!

6. Wrinkle Release Spray

My awesome roommate swears by it, and the first time I used it I realized why. Spray a garment and in five minutes it looks as if you've ironed it. Way cheaper and far more space efficient than an ironing board!

7. Closet/Door Shoe Organizer

There are tons of different ways to use these things for storage. You can store shoes like suggested, snacks, or even cleaning supplies. I have one hanging in my closet that organizes my shoes and has spaces for towels!

8. Mini First Aid Kit

At some point you're going to get sick, and you're going to be SO GLAD that you have some of that DayQuil. Include stuff like extra band-aids, Mucinex, Neosporin, Anti-itch cream, etc. Everything that's in your mom's medicine cabinet you're eventually going to wish you had!

9. Tools

You definitely won't need a whole tool bench, but having a small screwdriver or two will come in handy when something comes apart.

10. Ice Cube Trays

This is something I had to buy about a week into school when I realized I wanted some iced tea, but there was no way I was fitting a bag of ice in my mini-fridge freezer.

11. Cards

I'm talking "Thank You" type cards. You never know when you're going to want to send some snail-mail to your best friend or give someone a little birthday card!

12. LOTS of Throw Blankets

Your dorm might be hot, but it also might get really cold. Bring some throw blankets so you don't have to mess up your whole bed when you need to cover up sitting at your desk, or when someone comes over!

13. Plastic Bowls and Cups

You can usually go to Target and find a pack of three bowls and cups for under $5. They're great for when you want to make some soup or cereal! Don't forget dish soap and a sponge with that.

14. A Can Opener

Sometimes when you're sniffly and can't breathe you just really want that can of Campbell's.

15. A Stapler

Believe it or not, sometimes those Target staplers don't come with actual staples. A marketing flaw.

16. Three Hole Punch

You don't realize how often you use them in high school until they're not on your teacher's desk.

17. Quarters

Depending on where you go, you might need quarters to do your laundry or get something from the vending machine. Inquire about this during orientation!

18. A ROBE

It doesn't matter if you live in a co-ed dorm with communal showers or in a suite-style room. Walking from the shower to your room is a weird experience when you're only wrapped in a towel.

19. Safety Supplies

We're going to put a lot of things on this list. I mean literally any type of something that's going to keep you safe in some way. Pepper spray, Epi pen, inhaler, condoms. Make sure you prepare for every sort of emergency. Oh, also bring a flashlight. When the lights go out AND your phone dies you're going to be in a predicament.

20. A Safe

This was one of the best things my parents got me to bring to school. You don't want to leave your wallet or expensive camera hanging around in your room when you're not using it. It comes in handy - trust me.