20 Ways College Girls Can Find Comfort And Relieve Stress
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20 Ways College Girls Can Find Comfort And Relieve Stress

Try out a few of these this week

20 Ways College Girls Can Find Comfort And Relieve Stress

Whether you've had a bunch of things pile up and it's stressing you out or you just feel like pampering yourself, we all have little ways we like to unwind at the end of the day.

It could be as simple as eating some ice cream or it could be as crazy as going out for a joyride at night. In any case, we all have our favorite ways to de-stress and if you're looking for something new to do this week to relieve some of that anxiety, here are 20 of my favorite ways to relax!

1. Watch a Disney movie or a rom-com.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to watch some Disney or a really cheesy rom-com. Movies like that just give off good vibes and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *Personal recommendation: Tangled*

2. Take a nap.

I'm actually not sure if there's anything a good nap can't solve. Napping is just the best idea you could ever have. It's easy to do, costs nothing, and usually comes with soft blankets, so what's not to love? *Personal recommendation: a short one at midday, so you don't hate yourself later when you can't sleep*

3. Drink something hot and yummy.

Anytime you drink something warm, it has a tendency to just automatically make you feel better. Whether it's coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, it all gets the job done. *Personal recommendation: this link*

4. Blast some songs in the car and sing along.

I don't know about you, but not much else in my world compares to driving somewhere, cranking up the music, and just screaming your lungs out to a song. I'm not sure why this is such a stress reliever (I mean, besides the screaming part), but it's honestly so much fun, especially when it involves friends. *Personal recommendation: turn up some Kelly Clarkson or Adele*

5. Go to Raising Canes.

Nuff said.

6. Eat a pint of ice cream.

Maybe it's the insane amount of sugar or maybe it's the fact that you can eat cookies, brownies, AND ice cream at the same time, but eating a pint of soft, yummy ice cream is one of the best stress relievers ever. *Personal recommendation: Talenti Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato OR Ben and Jerry's Half Baked*

7. Go sweat it off in the gym.

It's kind of strange mentioning this one after the ice cream, but going to the gym is just as effective in relieving stress (if not more so). There's something about running until you're dripping sweat or getting the blood pumping to your arms when you're benching that not only gives you energy but also makes you a lot less anxious. *Personal recommendation: go early in the morning so you get energy for the day and don't have to go later when you just want to sleep*

8. Make a sandwich.

Just go get in the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich. It's fun, it lets you use your creative abilities, and you get a snack when you're done. Uh yes, please. *Personal recommendation: turkey and Monterey jack cheese*

9. Go have a night out with your mains.

Whether it's out to dinner or to a movie or just going exploring around your city, being around the people you love and spending quality time together is one of the best ways to take the stress off and just enjoy life. *Personal recommendation: get dinner at Oregano's*

10. Take a hike... no, seriously.

There's almost something psychological that happens when humans interact with nature. It's as if this inexplicable peace comes over you and anxieties or worries just seem to melt away. Hiking in particular, is a great way to get a glimpse of the nature that is all around you, while also getting in a good workout. *Personal recommendation: Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas*

11. Just go for a drive.

I know many people have a different perspective, but I love driving by myself and sometimes, I've felt the need to go take a drive just for the purpose of taking a drive. It's a great way to gather your thoughts together and take in the sights around you, away from other distractions. *Personal recommendation: drive somewhere around sunset*

12. Have a spa night.

There's a reason why people go to spas regularly- it's one of the greatest ways to relax ever. From face masks to massages to foot rubs, just taking some time out to pamper yourself is a fantastic way to relieve stress and have fun. *Personal recommendation: if you can't go to a professional spa parlor, make your own face mask and have a friend step on your back. We poor kids can still have luxury!*

13. Have a good, long conversation with your bestie.

One of my favorite things to do after I've had a really long and stressful day is to go lie on my best friend's floor and just pour my soul out to her. When you have a bestie who's a good listener, it's even better because they'll understand when you just need to vent or when you actually need advice. *Personal recommendation: sorry, but you're going to have to get your own best friend; mine is too busy taking care of me*

14. Get yourself a huge stuffed animal and just have a snuggle fest.

Alright, this one is a little out there, but it is a proven fact that snuggling calms you down and releases hormones similar to those that would be released if you were on drugs. This is clearly a much comfier alternative. *Personal recommendation: I have a giant panda, and he watches over me, and he's the best, and that's all I have to say about that*


This is a lot like the sandwich concept. It's fun, you get to practice your culinary skills, you get to do some trial runs, and you get yummy snacks when you're done. The only difference is, you get more of them. *Personal recommendation: Ghirardelli double chocolate chip brownies*

16. Make yourself a relaxing playlist on Spotify and stick those headphones in.

There are certain songs that you just know will make you feel better and calm you down. Go through your song list, pick those out, and add it to a new "chill" playlist. Then, put it on shuffle whenever you're feeling a little anxious. *Personal recommendation: anything by James Bay or John Mayer*

17. Eat mac and cheese.

This. Is. My. Favorite. Food. EVER. Mac and cheese is truly a God-given gift to mankind. This bowl of cheesy, noodley goodness is a sure-fire way to cure stress and make you instantly relaxed. *Personal recommendation: I know Kraft gets a lot of hate, but I love it and you should give it a chance*

18. Do some online shopping.

Even if you don't actually buy anything, just scrolling through things that are on your wish list and comparing prices can be such an anxiety reliever. Granted, this is probably more of a girl thing. *Personal recommendation: download the app "Shein". It's great*

19. Read a really good book.

If you're up to your neck in reading for classes, this may not be the best way to relieve that stress, but otherwise, books are a great way to take the anxiety off. When you become absorbed in whatever book you're reading, it has this ability to take you out of your own world for a little bit and into the world of the person in your book. *Personal recommendation: if you're into mystery but not the gruesome details that usually come hand in hand, The Westing Game*

20. Just take it up to Jesus.

This is the biggest one and one that is absolutely guaranteed to give you peace of mind. When you take the time to pray about something that's been bothering you or something that's been on your mind for awhile, it gives you an overwhelming calm and the stress that you felt just dissolves in knowing that you gave it to God. *Personal recommendation: just read through Philippians 4*

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