Growing up, I always heard how I was the spitting image of my father: sarcastic, stubborn, and always right (or at least we think so). I have always believed that my dad was my superhero. He has always been the man that could fix anything and had an answer for any question thrown his way.

I am now in my 20's and my dad is still that same man. We surely don't always see eye-to-eye on everything and often times most of our serious discussions end up in arguments, but he still knows best. He's the funniest, strongest, and most intelligent man I know. He's my hero without a cape.

My mother has been my go-to for when I need a shoulder to cry on or I'm having an emotional breakdown and need to hear someone belt out into song and dance; however, my father is who I run to when I need to toughen up or when I need to be told to "rub a little dirt on it." Sometimes, a girl just really needs her father.

I no longer live at home, but I call my father at least twice a day with every life question known to man. Here are 20 questions we still ask our dads in our 20's:

1. Is it okay that I'm 500 miles over on my oil change?

2. What does it mean when I try to start up my car and it stalls?

3. One of my tires keeps losing air, should I get it patched or just fill it up?

4. They said they can't patch it and I need to buy a new you have money?

5. My shower drain is clogged, what do I use to unclog it?

6. That didn't work,will a wire hanger do the trick?

7. My power went out, how long do you think my food will last?

8. So I shouldn't open the fridge?

9. So you're saying I need to eat all the ice cream tonight?

10. What is malware?

11. Okay, now how do I get rid of cookies and threats on my computer?

12. Dad, why are they even called cookies?

13. I know you just sent money last week, but can you send more? I'll pay you back.

14. Can you look over my essay for school?

15. Can you help with my FASFA?

16. Wait! While we're at it, can you help with my taxes?

17. What soap do I use to clean my car? Is there a certain way to 'wax on, wax off'?

18. My clothes aren't drying, what do I do? and the filter for the dryer is where...?

19. What should I major in?

20. Have I told you how much I love you today?