20 Binge Worthy Shows To Watch Over Break

The holidays are normally a time that you spend with your closest friends and family in your hometown, but when you choose to go to college far away from your hometown things often do not go as smoothly as planned. Being far away from home for college can result in the inability to travel home for the holidays. Whether work is the obstacle or it is just too far to travel for such a short time, being away for the holidays is a reality for many college students. The campus will be a ghost town and then you are stuck wondering what to do without having your best friends around 24/7. Well, there is nothing wrong with spending the break snuggled up binge watching some of the best shows on Netflix. Here is a list of all types of different shows perfect for binge-watching over break!

Short, sitcom-like shows that you can watch a ridiculous number of episodes of in a day:

New Girl (7 seasons)


Girl Boss (1 season)


Parks and Recreation (7 seasons)


Brooklyn 99 (5 seasons) *you will have to head over to Hulu for this gem


Some suspense for those who like to be on the edge of their seats:

How to Get Away With Murder (4 seasons)


Mindhunter (1 season)


Ozark (2 seasons)


Bates Motel (5 seasons)


For the lover of crime shows:

Evil Genius (1 season)


Criminal Minds (12 seasons)


Dexter (8 seasons)


Making a Murderer (2 parts)


Drama, love, cute boys: all the staples of a great TV show:

Gilmore Girls (7 seasons)


Jane the Virgin (4 seasons)


Shameless (8 seasons)


One Tree Hill (9 seasons) *sadly you will have to head over to Hulu for this one too, but it is well worth it I promise.


Honorable Mentions:

Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce (4 seasons)


The Carrie Diaries (2 seasons)


Mad Men (7 seasons)


Quantico (3 seasons)


No one wants to spend the holidays away from their families, but sometimes that is the way life goes. It is getting colder outside and there is now no good excuse to leave your house at all. So, use this time to enjoy your own company and catch up on some of the shows that school and social activities have kept you away from. Happy watching!

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