In honor of the start of a new year and my first ever week of taking computer science, I've decided to reflect on the breadth of ways in which coding has made my life easier and in a way that can hopefully help you too! That is, I've compiled a list of apps that have in some way made my last year more fun or manageable. Over the last year, they have helped me survive and strive during my first time living on my own in a new place, stay organized and punctual, despite my tendency to sleep like a rock through endless normal alarm clocks, and keep connected to my friends and family thousands of miles away. Here are 25 apps that can tremendously help ease your college life!

1. Alarmy (sleep if you can)

First things first, you have to get up and get to class on time in the mornings. This gem and life savor has options where you can decide the night before to allow snooze or not. You can also have it require that you shake your phone to turn of the alarm, so it is hard to passively ignore. Or, you can even program it to require that you take a picture of a location you selected the night before so it will not turn off until you are out of bed and have accomplished that task.

2. Quizlet

An organized and fun way to study for tests that requires significant memorization from language vocabulary to biological pathways. You can quiz yourself in lines, biking at the gym, or whenever else you can squeeze in a few minutes of studying.

3. Google Drive

This is a great tool if you are working on projects that involve collaboration, use multiple devices to edit documents, or print from the library computers.

4. Wolfram Alpha

This efficient search engine can provide you with facts and aid quickly and concisely, especially if you are in need of formulas and example problems.

5. TED Talks

The idea that our main responsibility in college is to learn is a very cool concept and that does not have to be limited to what you are studying in class. If you want videos about research from professionals in a field you are studying, or are interested in browsing for innovative concepts and discussions you have never heard about before that do not take up much time, this is for you.

6. SelfControl

We all need some help staying focused on occasion. This app will help you avoid distracting websites.

7. Studious

To save yourself the embarrassment and dirty looks from a phone going off in class, download this free app that helps you organized your schedule, serves as a planner, and silences your phone for you for the times in which you have scheduled class lectures.

8. Mail: theSkimm, Kicker!

Link your email accounts to your phone and sign-up to get daily overviews of current events. It'll help you stay updated on major world news on a daily basis in just five minutes every morning.

9. Sworkit

Sworkit helps keep you healthy, happy, and freshman-15-free in quick, personalized workout videos!

10. Personal Finance: Bank Apps, Mint

Download the apps for your bank to keep track of and double check your card purchases. Then use, Mint to manage your money, stay on a budget, and pay your bills.These makes becoming an independent grown-up a little less daunting.

11. Venmo

Venmo is a way that makes it way faster to charge and pay friends for anything from splitting cab fare to paying restaurant bills without scrambling for exact change or compiling "I owe you's".

12. Yikyak

Yikyak is an anonymous, fun way to share what's on your mind and hear what other students at your university are thinking and talking about!

13. Cymbal, Spotify

(Shoutout to three Tufts alums for creating Cymbal!) This Instagram for music along with Spotify will help you constantly have fresh music for anything from studying to gym and party playlists.

14. Shazam

For that song you hear at the gym or at a party and want to save but do not know the name of, do not stress. Save yourself some time and download shazam that will listen to the track and give you the name and artist.

15. Uber

Uber is an easy and fast way to find transportation from just about anywhere, anytime for anything from ride share to the airport to rides across big campuses during the winter.

16. Grubhub

For all your food craving needs--whenever, wherever. If you ever find yourself too busy to go out to eat, tired of the dining hall, or hungry after it's closed and want food delivered straight to your dorm, this is for you. Enjoy!

17. Four Square

Do you have no problem making major life decisions at the drop of a hat but get stuck deciding where to eat with friends? This app helps find the best places for food and fun in your area.

18. Dubsmash

This one's just for fun! Dub and share with your friends.

19. Skype

Staying in touch with friends and family miles away can seem hard, but it does not have to be. Skype or FaceTime help you feel way closer and are much easier than texting to fill each other in!

20. 1 Second Everyday

This is a personal favorite. You take a one-second video of your life every day and it will mash all the clips together into an amazing video that will preserve memories for you and be a cool insight into your year to show your friends and family.