For the past couple of weeks, the Fifa World Cup has been going on in Russia. It's been a series of great triumph and it also came along with great upsets. But with an all European finals coming up, one would seem to wonder "Why am I watching soccer when I know absolutely nothing about the sport?". In the past, I recognized that I am an avid baseball fan. But during the cup, I would sit there and wonder what is going on. So while the semi-finals match of England and Croatia played, I decided to document my thoughts during this game. Here they are.

1. It's almost 2 p.m., I have an article due today, let's just do it on the World Cup.

All with a cut on my right ring finger so typing is going to be fun. Haha, sarcasm.

2. God save the Queen, anyone?


4. Croatia would be the smallest country to win the World Cup if they make it to the finals?

5. Wait, no penalty? How do you get a penalty? OK, it's a penalty kick.

6. It's funny how they're covering their hoo-has.

Me after the kick: YES!! TRIPPIER!!

7. DAMN IT!!

That was said multiple times during the game.

8. OK, half time now...and there has only been one goal...

9. Second half! Let's go!

10. I will say it again: IT'S COMING HOME!!!

11. Does it hurt the players a bit when they hit the ball with their head?

12. Finally a yellow card!

13. *Does chores and comes back to see someone get hurt* OK...

14. GOD DAMN IT!!!

Croatia scored...

15. *Croatia almost scores again* I ALMOST LOST A COUPLE BRAIN CELLS

16. I wish the game could hurry...I'm on a deadline.

17. If England doesn't win, at least they'll play for third place?

How to be optimistic by Maddie.

18. I should probably end it here. I'm cutting it too close to deadline.

But one more thing...

19. It's coming home.

Unless they lost... oops.