Here's a list of completely random things that honestly make no sense. Even if they have an explanation, they still confuse the general population.

1. Why women's pockets are the way they are.

Seriously, you can't fit anything in them.

2. Why we park on the driveway.


3. And why we drive on the parkway.

I repeat, huh????

4. Why "Carrie Diaries" was canceled.

Yes, it was cheesy, but it was a good kind of cheesy.

5. Why racism is still a thing.

Guys, it's 2017.

6. How finstas are fake, rinstas are real, but fiestas are the most real Instagrams I've seen.

Think about it. No filters. No staged photos. No cute captions. It's just people being real about their lives and posting poor quality photos that were taken amongst a billion "rinsta-worthy" ones.

7. Why New Jersey's been labeled the armpit of the United States.

If you've ever had our pork roll, bagels, and pizza, you'd be thinking differently.

8. Kansas and Arkansas.

Watch this, and you'll understand.

9. People's reactions after finding out James Cordon can sing.

He was in "Into the Woods," so I don't know where everyone has been.

10. How you could ignore a friend in pain.

It's simple, don't do it. Don't add to whatever pain they already have.

11. How mermaids go to the bathroom.

Someone answer this, please.

12. On the topic on mermaids, how did Aquamarine's hair properly cover her?

I could just imagine the film being like "There perfect, now don't move too much."

13. The ending of "Lost."

Y'all who watched this know exactly what I'm talking about.

14. How bumblebees can fly with such tiny wings.

15. Why there's a standard with girls and their sex lives.

If a girl wants sex, she's a whore. If she doesn't, she's a prude.

16. Why we celebrate getting closer to death.

Every birthday every year.

17. Why blondes are always the first to die in horror movies.

I'm not one for horror movies, but my friend is, and this seemed to bother them a lot.

18. Rubix Cubes.

I still don't understand them.

19. Why your dentist makes conversation with their hands shoved into your mouth.

"So, how was your vacation?" "Mrmgmhm Shuhsysemy Fhsmemoe" "Florida? Wow, that sounds amazing!"

It's 2017, so I feel like a lot of these should have answers or just shouldn't exist. Comment with anything that also confuses you.