If you live in New York, you are most likely very familiar with the subway system. It is often a very convenient way to get to where you are going for fairly cheap. It is an imperative part of NYC living, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its flaws. It seems that our favorite animated movie tells a pretty clear story of your average ride on the subway.

1. When you make the decision to take the subway

2. You walk down the stairs only to find out they're doing construction on your line

Shout out to the 1 which always seems to have delays

3. When you swipe your metro card only to find out its empty

Or worse it has like 2.37 on it

4. Or when the turnstile makes you swipe your card three times

And then you're paranoid it charged you more than once

5. But the worst is when you need to ask the person in the booth a question and they give you attitude

This is literally your only job.

6. When you expect the performers to be like this

7. But they end up being like this

8. So you just stare at them like this

9. When people try to solicit money from you

10. When you see someone peeing with no regard to who is watching

11. Or an inebriated person tossing their cookies

12. When your favorite song comes on shuffle and you forget you're in public

So baby I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake...

13. When the doors won't close because an oblivious human is standing in the way

"Hi sir- yes, you're the one holding us all up."

14. When no one will get up for the pregnant woman or child to sit

15. When the person next to you clearly needs a shower

16. When your car is totally empty

17. When the car is packed and you get smushed

18. When you finally get to your stop but no one will let you out

19. And when you finally make it to your destination