19 Issues All D-Cup Women Suffer From

1. You can't wear v-necks without looking borderline pornographic.

2. You've learned that strapless anything will condemn you to a night of hiking up your top.

3. Bathing suit shopping is an extremely frustrating undertaking.

5. Complete strangers think it's okay to openly comment on your breast size for some reason...what kind of nonsense is that?!

6. "Woah! What cup size are you?"

7. Bandeaus? LOL, yeah right.

8. You have to wear 2 sports bras to do any sort of physical activity

9. Back pain. Back pain. Back pain.

10. Button down shirts = the ginormous gap of doom.

11. Cute bras do not come in your size, so you're forced to settle for the granny bras

12. Cross-body purses and seat belts act as unintentional accentuators.

13. Clothes that are supposed to be "drapey" just end up looking like a tent on you.

14. Going bra-less is absolutely OUT of the question.

15. Laying on your stomach always results in boobular suffocation.

16. Unexpected running/jogging is an honest to God nightmare.

17. Knocking things over with your chest is something you've become accustomed to.

18. Hugging someone who's shorter than you becomes real awkward real quick.

19. Boob sweat. Need I say more?

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