18 Times Shonda Rhimes Proved She Could Destroy You
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18 Times Shonda Rhimes Proved She Could Destroy You

A look back at Shondaland's most heartbreaking and shocking moments.

18 Times Shonda Rhimes Proved She Could Destroy You

If you live on this planet, you have probably heard of Shonda Rhimes before. Shonda Rhimes is the genius that is responsible for creating shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice" and "Scandal," and producing "How To Get Away With Murder" (HTGAWM). Shonda basically owns Thursday nights thanks to #TGIT. However, if you are a fan of any of these shows, you know that his show-runner is very good at ripping fans' hearts out. And there are quite a few distinct moments that Shonda proved she's not afraid to do it.

SPOILER ALERT: This contains spoilers for the shows: "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," "Scandal" and "How To Get Away With Murder." Just about all of the seasons, including the current ones, could be included. You have been warned.

18. Violet's Attack (Private Practice)

For any of you who watched "Private Practice," this was a gruesome moment. Violet Turner came home to a former patient, a baby-obsessed woman who was mentally ill. The woman attacked a pregnant Violet, cutting open her stomach and taking her baby, all of this happening in Violet's own living room. It's safe to say, there was some PTSD involved afterwards, and Violet couldn't even look at her baby, once they got him back, for the longest time.

17. Japril: The Movie (Grey's Anatomy)

This is probably the most recent item on the list, but it needed to be added. Japril: the Movie refers to the most recent episode of "Grey's Anatomy" in which, we go through Jackson and April's relationship in reverse. We start with their meeting to sign divorce papers all the way back to the time they first met, covering their whole relationship, including losing their baby. Essentially, it was an emotional roller coaster that ended with one of the show's most loved couples ending their marriage.

16. Amelia's Unicorn Baby (Private Practice)

What's worse than having your baby born without a brain? Being a neurosurgeon and having your baby born without a brain. In a tragic turn of events, after Amelia relapses, falls in love with a fellow addict named Ryan, Ryan died of overdose in bed next to her, and Amelia gets clean, she finds out that she is pregnant with a baby that doesn't have a brain. So, she has to deliver the baby and then give him away to a transplant team so they can take his organs. If this episode doesn't make you emotional, you aren't ready for the rest of the list.

15. Cristina Is Left At the Altar (Grey's Anatomy)

This is an iconic moment from "Grey's," but it is also a devastating moment. After all they had been through, Burke leaves Cristina at the altar, goes home to pack some things and leaves. He leaves, and Cristina is left alone. The most heartbreaking moment though? Meredith having to cut Cristina out of her wedding dress while Ingrid Michaelson plays in the background.

14. John Doe Is George (Grey's Anatomy)

Not only was this just a huge plot twist that surprised me, it was sob-inducing conclusion to Season 5 of "Grey's." George O'Malley was such a beloved character, and to see Meredith finally realize that it was him lying in the bed was enough to have me emotionally distraught for weeks. His death was tragic, but beautifully done.

13. Annalise Gets Shot (HTGAWM)

This build up had people trying to guess "Who shot Annalise?" for the entire first half of the show's second season. But, the more surprising turn of events was that Annalise begged each and every one of her students to shoot her. It was both sad and shocking, a Shonda Rhimes specialty.

12. Jake Kills James/ Cyrus's Breakdown (Scandal)

This was "Scandal's" first major character death, so it was interesting to see how they would handle it. Apparently, the best way to handle it was to drive a knife through our hearts. Of course, James was gunned down by Jake because James wanted to reveal what happened in Defiance. Cyrus, who up until this point has pretty much murdered anyone who got in his way, lost his husband. He kept it together for so long, but eventually broke down sobbing in the press room of the White House. It was safe to say, Cyrus wasn't the only one breaking down.

11. Harrison's Funeral (Scandal)

Oh, Harrison. The death of this character wasn't much of a surprise, considering fans knew that Columbus Short was leaving the show. It was this funeral scene, though that really brought out the tears. Watching his fellow gladiators lay him to rest was tough, especially since Harrison had always been the ultimate gladiator in a suit.

10. The Death of Slexie (Grey's Anatomy)

I wish I were talking about their relationship. I almost can't even write this one. It's still too soon. Mark and Lexie, or Slexie, were both on the show for four of five seasons, which in Shondaland, is a lifetime. But these two never really got to be together because it was never the right time. They loved each other though. It just took until Lexie was literally dying underneath their crashed plane for them to tell each other. Mark held her hand as she died. The worst part was Mark coming out of it seemingly OK, only to die later in the hospital. Well, at least they'll be together somewhere, right?

9. Denny's Death (Grey's Anatomy)

Who am I kidding, even this one is too soon for me to talk about. If you have yet to see early "Grey's Anatomy," you have yet to experience heartbreak like this.This is the original "Chasing Cars" death scene. After all they went through with the LVAD wire and marriage proposals, Denny died, leaving Izzie alone and destroyed. It was one of the most devastating deaths in "Grey's" history, and that's saying something.

8. The Olivia and Fitz Breakup (Scandal)

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In the season that originally promoted Olivia and Fitz being together "At Last," they were certainly ripped apart pretty fast. Olivia and Fitz have had a complicated relationship, but it was always assumed that once they could actually get together, they would ride off into the sunset. However, this is Shonda Rhimes, and sometimes, sunsets just end up being really convincing mirages. These two realized that they couldn't work it out, even though they had love for each other, and it was emotional as hell.

7. The House of Candles (Grey's Anatomy)

This may actually be the only item on the list that's happier than the rest. This Season 4 finale introduced the best romantic gesture: the house of candles. While Meredith had been struggling with her feelings and figuring out how to be in a relationship with Derek, she finally realized that she wanted to be with him. So, she went to the land where Derek wanted to build their house and he had outlined the structure with candles. It's one of my all time favorite scenes, and just because it's happy doesn't mean it can't destroy you. Their love was enough, never mind the fact that it's very unlikely we will find someone who will build us our very own house of candles.

6. Mellie's Rape (Scandal)

In Season 3, fans finally got a closer look into Mellie and her history with Fitz. It's revealed that Mellie was raped by Fitz's father Big Jerry, and it has basically been tearing her up inside for over 15 years because she hasn't known who really fathered her child. It explains a lot about the demise of Mellie and Fitz's relationship, but it is an emotional time to watch Mellie cope with.

5. Olivia's Kidnapping (Scandal)

Olivia Pope, the strong-willed and talented fixer of Washington D.C., was kidnapped and held for ransom as a way to force Fitz into starting a war.Things only escalated from there as she tried to fight her way out, shooting one of her captors in the head and almost being sold on the black market. It was an enormous trauma that she didn't want to deal with afterwards, but it was heartbreaking to see Olivia Pope go through such a thing.

4. Penis On A Dead Girl's Phone (HTGAWM)

Let's face it, we always knew that Sam was dirty and somehow involved with Lila's death, but this moment was full of shock and complete betrayal. The scene is unforgettable and definitely unforgiving.

3. Fitz Gets Shot (Scandal)

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Even if you aren't a big fan of Fitz, this assassination attempt was very unexpected and probably a little emotional. I still found myself worrying about Fitz as he fought to stay alive. It was also really emotional to watch Olivia and Mellie as they tried to deal with the situation. And since we know Shonda Rhimes isn't afraid to cross any lines, it was very unclear whether or not Fitz would actually make it through.

2. Jerry Dies (Scandal)

Like I said, Shonda isn't afraid. That's why Jerry's death was so immensely heartbreaking. We expect her to go after the characters because that's her job; to tell those stories, but Jerry? A teenage boy? That hurt a lot. What was worse than just watching his death scene was the aftermath. Fitz was completely distraught and Mellie destroyed. She didn't get dressed for months and visited Jerry's grave every day. They were two grieving parents, and it was hard not to feel for them.

1. Derek Shepherd's Death (Grey's Anatomy)

OK, this one is definitely too soon. Out of all of the deaths we have seen across all of Shondaland, this one hurt the most. Even if you didn't really like Derek Shepherd, he was a huge part of the show and the "Grey's" family. The whole show was centered around his romance with Meredith, so to have that end so abruptly was heartbreaking and earth shattering. If you didn't cry when Meredith had him unplugged or when Amelia had her breakdown in the next episode, I don't know what's up with you.

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