For many of us, eighteen is our first real taste of adulthood.

You're away at college, doing things on your own, with minimal supervision. Sounds like the dream, right? Think again, because it's a year of challenges, triumphs, and lessons -- some that could be learned the rather hard way.

With that being said, here are 18 things that I wish I had already known, that I'd like to instill in others.

1. Quality over quantity -- always. No questions asked.

2. You are not invincible...

3. ...but you are also much stronger than you think.

4. People are not always going to agree with what you do, think, or say, and that's OK.

5. He's just a stupid boy. A year from now, you'll laugh at how much time you wasted over him.

6. Stop caring so much about what people think. Seriously.

7. It's OK to have feelings, no matter how much you want to defy them.

8. Putting yourself out there is nerve-wracking, but it will pay off in the end.

9. Nothing happens overnight. Be patient.

10. If you're being someone you know you are not, stop it.

11. Friends come and go, but do not let go of those who stay.

12. Be proud of your passions, ambitions, and dreams.

13. Taking risks isn't always a bad idea.

14. There is more to life than how many 'likes' people toss you on social media. Really.

15. Go with your first instinct, always.

16. There is nothing a cup of coffee or a nap cannot cure.

17. It will get better, I promise.

18. Take care of yourself. Life is so, so precious.