18 Things My High School Self Would Tell Me Now

Back when I was in high school, I wrote a book for my little sister full of lessons that she could use when she was going through high school herself. Basically, I every time I learned something or found myself going through a new situation, I wrote my raw thoughts on it and how I was going through it so she could "learn from my mistakes". The morning I left for college, I placed it on her bed so she could find it when I was already gone. I still have the original notebook that I wrote each lesson in and came across it the other day. I have to say my favorite part of the book is that each thought is so raw and unedited. It came from a real place with real purpose and for being as young as I was in some of the lessons, I had some pretty good thoughts. I wanted to share a few of my favorite lines from the book because who else is better at giving advice than a 15 year old with a broken heart, right?

1. "The key to success is believing you can do something and putting in action to the best of your abilities."

2. "Remember, there are other guys out there that are WAY better than this bonehead who upset you, but don't say something about the previous guy that the next guy will hear and sway him from not wanting to know the fantastic person you are."

3. "No one can be perfect but if you always stay positive and optimistic, you sure as hell can get pretty close."

4. "Happy always attracts happy."

5. "And when you're happy and relaxed, normally you're a lot more open-minded and you can deal with the situation calmly and rationally."

6. "Sometimes giving up isn't losing, its simply just learning to grow up and move on."

7. "Life goes on and even if you believe you won't ever find someone better, you will. I promise."

8. "I'm not sure if I totally believe that everything happens for a reason, but I do know and good things happen and bad things happen, you just have to roll with it and somehow along the way something called life will happen."

9. "Be yourself and things will come and go as they should."

10. "Rise above what others say and think about you. In the end, the only opinion that matter are the ones you truly care about."

11. "No matter what life throws at you or how unpredictable and hard things get, make sure you always have your friends and you're always there for them too."

12. "The best things in life are pleasant surprises."

13. "We live in a world that is so focused on hate and destroying one another that being a dreamer and a lover is a breath of fresh air to society."

14. "You never know when the best things are just right ahead of you."

15. "It doesn't matter who you've been or who you're supposed to be, you can always be yourself."

16. "Make as many memories, both good and bad. Cherish those memories."

17. "Take everything lightly and breathe deeply."

18. "Learn to love life and everything you do will be worthwhile."

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