2016 was a year of many struggles. The spring semester is coming up soon, and now's a good chance to sit down and think about how you want this year to play out.

1. Take it easy on the late night take out

That Chinese food SEEMED like a good idea at 2 am, but I'm really feeling it the next day...

2. Don't wait until the last minute to do a project

Procrastination is the easiest trap to fall into, but we've got to find a way out.

3. Spend some time in the library

Getting yourself to sit down and focus can really work wonders.

4. Stop skipping class

It's such an easy thing to do, but you never know what kind of hints professors can drop in passing of lectures.

5. Cut down on the weekday nights out

They can take their toll more than you think.

6. Actually use my gym pass

You've had it hanging on your key chain for months. We can all admit that we don't go to the gym as much as we'd like to.

7. Wash my sheets more often

No better feeling than curling up into a clean, warm bed.


The three or four hours a night just aren't going to cut it anymore.

9. Try something new

A new club, a class you wouldn't normally take, get out there and give it a try!

10. Make time for old friends

Life can be busy, but you can both appreciate some catching up.

11. Say "no"

Trust me, FOMO is super real. But sometimes you need to turn down that coffee run and stick to what you're doing.

12. Go to office hours

Professors can be a lot more helpful with some one on one help.

13. Take care of myself

Mental health days, spa days, whatever you need!

14. Save money

Even if it's putting away $5 every week, any money saved is good money saved.

15. Pay off those credit card bills

Speaking of money..... get yourself out of debt.

16. Be on time

This goes for classes, meetings, plans that you made with friends.

17. Be happy with how the year went

This day next year I hope you can be happy with the things you did the past 365 days.

Happy New Year, everyone!