The end of the Summer is in sight and you find yourself sitting in the middle of your living room surrounded by various items knowing that in two days you have to be out of your first apartment... so, what should you do?

1. Watch the first Facebook video that pops up on your news feed... then keep scrolling through them.

2. Open your Twitter app and scroll through all of the tweets about Trump, Rihanna and the adorable puppies.

3. Get on Pinterest and plan your future wedding while pinning all of those DIY projects you will never do.

4. Go through all of your Snapchat friend's stories and be the audience of their adventures.

5. Write an article for Odyssey.

6. Respond to the text from your sister from five days ago.

7. Post that picture from two years ago that you took at Panama City Beach and caption it "Ugh, wish I was there, #TBT"

8. Text your middle school crush "Hey big head" because you don't want to pack and he looked good on his Instagram photo

9. Talk to your best friend about how you should be packing, but convince her it's not the move for the night.

10. Watch the James Corbin videos of "Carpool Karaoke" and wish you were famous

11. Think of the fight you had with your middle school BFF and all of the things you should have said

12. Sleep

13. Cry about how much you are procrastinating

14. Think of the lies to tell your parents when they ask what you did the whole night

15. Play games on your phone... just five more minutes...

16. Stare at your appending doom in the empty boxes that surround you.

17. Give up and just eat whatever you have in the fridge