Blair Waldorf is one of the most iconic characters on "Gossip Girl." She's sassy, classy and does not take drama from anyone. Listed below are all my favorite Blair Waldorf moments from various seasons that are relatable to everyday life.

1. When you drive to Chick-fil-A on a Sunday:

Everyone knows this is the worst feeling in the world.

2. When you think you failed an exam but you actually made a good grade:

Suddenly, life is so much better than before.

3. When someone ahead of you in the Starbucks drive thru buys your coffee:

You pay for the person behind you to keep it going, but you still feel like the queen you are. *flips hair*

4. When they kill off someone new in "Grey's Anatomy:"

Shonda Rhimes literally has no chill. Bring me 700 boxes of Kleenex and a tub of ice-cream please.

5. When you get back from summer vacation and the new semester begins:

Especially when the professor lectures on the first day.

6. When you go to Sonic but happy hour ended one minute ago:

That extra dollar really makes the difference in the long run.

7. When a boy tries to play you:

Boys, you are not slick and we were not born yesterday. We find out everything.

8. When someone asks you if you are really going to eat all of that food:

You do not need that that type of negativity in your life. Leave me alone to eat these 20 chicken nuggets in peace.

9. When your friend brings you food:

The best friendships are built on food.

10. When you have breakfast with your squad after a night out:

Secrets are shared. Plus, you finally figured out where exactly that friend who disappeared went.

11. When you finally get your eyebrows done:

New eyebrows, new me. Watch out world, I feel untouchable.

12. When someone wants to have a conversation before 8:00 a.m:

No conversation is crucial enough to happen that early in the morning.

13. When your parents come to visit you at college:

You can still buy me groceries though, guys. I said surviving, not thriving.

14. When your ex boyfriend tries to talk to you:

History repeats itself. Please move to Antarctica as soon as possible.

15. When you get on Facebook and seven of your friends are engaged:

No I am not crying because I am going to be single forever. I am crying because I am so happy for you.

16. When you are hungry, but you know that getting food will make you late, but you do it anyways:

Food is number one in my heart, always.

17. When someone tries to argue with you but you have already won:

Please leave, your point has been dully noted.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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