17 Common Questions RAs Will Ask You
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Student Life

17 Common Questions RAs Will Ask You

We ask a lot of questions... but there is a purpose behind each one.

17 Common Questions RAs Will Ask You

As fall semester starts to roll around, freshmen and returning students alike can all expect one thing: surveys from Resident Assistants. If you live off campus, this is an unfamiliar thing but any residence hall student can tell you the tale. Resident Assistants, like myself, use "Getting to Know You" surveys for several reasons. Here are 17 questions RAs ask and why we ask them.

1. Name:

Well, this one is self-explanatory. We need to know who is filling out the survey.

2. Room number:

Secondly, we need to know where you live so we can start places faces and names with rooms.

3. Pronouns:

Inclusivity is key. We want to make sure you are comfortable.

4. Age and birthday:

Age is tricky. We need to know who is 21+ and who isn't. It's also important to note who isn't 18 yet because that could be life-saving information in an emergency. We like to ask for your birthday so we can send you a note on your special day to show we care.

5. Major and desired career path:

Your major does not equal your career. Well that's what the school says. RAs ask for your major and career path so we can help you out. We can point you in the direction of people with similar passions or tutors or even advisors.

6. Three words to describe you:

This is just something we do to start getting to know you. While it isn't a lot of information, finding out how college kids view themselves allows us to get a sneak peak of who you are.

7. Favorite TV show:

These next two are for planning purposes. If many residents enjoy a similar television show, there is a good way to build community. WATCH PARTIES!!!

8. Favorite genre of music:

This one also associates with planning. If we are hosting an event and want residents to come, a good way to get someone to stop is by playing music that they like.

9. Favorite food:

Many events that RAs put together involve food. It's good to know what everyone likes.

10. Food allergies:

And while it's good to know what people like, it's dire to know what people cannot have. You don't want to poison anyone on accident.

11. Favorite color:

RAs are generally crafty, caring individuals. If we're planning to send you a birthday note or create something for your floor, it's extra special if it's done in your favorite color.

12. Hobbies/Interests:

One job of an RA is to build community. By stockpiling everyone's interests, it is easier to get an overall look of what can bring the floor together. For example, if an entire female floor loves to cook it would be a great idea to have a family dinner. Another example would be if an entire male floor loved basketball, March Madness could turn into a month-long party.

13. Biggest pet peeve:

As RAs we are here to help our residents. We don't want to upset you.

14. Involvement (or what you want to be involved in):

Back to getting to know our residents, RAs want to help in any way possible. If we are aware of something you want to be involved in and don't know how to start, we can usually point you in the direction of help.

15. What you expect from your RA:

I value this one a lot. It sets a tone of what your residents want. Upper-class residents may not need us around but under-class residents may ask for office hours weekly. It's important to show everyone that you are there for them.

16. Ideas for hall activities:

Refer to 12.

17. One interesting fact about you:

Everyone has something interesting about them. This last question is a conversation starter, a way to introduce ourselves and find out more about you.

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