17 Things To Do Before You Graduate From ECU
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17 Things To Do Before You Graduate From ECU

I never want to leave.

17 Things To Do Before You Graduate From ECU

Attending ECU is more than just going to class and getting a degree. The social opportunities that come your way the moment you pass the "Welcome To Greenville" sign are endless. Here is a list of only a fraction of the things you should accomplish before you graduate.

1. Eat at Sup Dogs

.2. Listen to Brother Ross

3. Be the firsts to yell "Purple!"

4. Tailgate before a football game

5. Rush a sorority or fraternity

6. Take a picture with PeeDee

7. See the Clock Tower at midnight

8. Go downtown for Halloween

9. Go to Sup Dogs for Mug Night

10. Take the plunge at the Polar Bear Plunge

11. Eat brunch in the DHall

12. Spend a night in Joyner

13. Befriend a squirrel

14. Instagram a picture of the cupola

15. Attend Homecoming Skit Night

16. Get a frappuccino with purple whipped cream at Starbucks on game days

17. Go downtown on a Thursday

These are just a few of the things you need to experience at least once throughout your four (or five or six) years at ECU. If you have not done at least half of these already, what are you waiting for? Pirate Nation is like nothing else, so make the best of it!

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