Okay, okay, so the subheader for this article is a bit misleading! I'm only half joking about unattainable resolutions. In all seriousness, these are some of my biggest goals for the summer! And they're honestly not impossible to achieve, so here's hoping that I can manage to fit all of them into my schedule!

1. Relax

2. Devote lots of time to worship team

3. Read a book I haven't read before

4. Go on walks and bike rides

5. Sell my old clothes to make room

6. Pack up my apartment before moving

7. Do some sunrise/sunset yoga

8. Improve my photography skills

9. Get a massage or two

10. Organize my belongings at home

11. Get in shape

12. Make dinner for my family

13. Prepare dinner at home, rather than eat out constantly

14. Get at least a B in all of my online classes this summer

15. Go kayaking

16. Pack for the DCP

17. Build my inventory to sell beadwork

Hopefully, these provide you with an idea for some things you can do over your summer vacation! I'm gearing up for leaving for Disney World in just a few more months, so I am hoping to downsize all of my belongings before then.