17 Steps To Becoming A Happier You
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17 Steps To Becoming A Happier You

Happiness is not just a feeling, it is a choice.

17 Steps To Becoming A Happier You

Often, some days we feel a little short on happiness. Where do we find it? How do I start to become happy with who I am? If you are not looking in the right places, this road is hard to find. The first step to becoming a happy person is becoming happy with yourself. If you are not happy with who you are, you will never know what true happiness feels like. Love yourself, respect yourself and value yourself. Once you can do this for yourself, it will radiate on to others.

1. Small Act of Kindness (For Yourself). Do at least one thing a day for you.

2. Make Yourself Feel Beautiful. Do whatever makes you confident. If you have an outfit that you don't know if is in style but you rock it, go for it. Don't worry about anyone else, do what makes you the most confident you.

3. Accept Your Flaws. So you might have a big nose or bushy eyebrows. Nobody is perfect, and this is true. Love yourself for what you are.

4. Be Appreciative. Be grateful for what you have. Make the best of everything. Showing how appreciative you are and giving back will make a difference, maybe not change the whole world at once but it could change someone's life or make someones day! It is all the small thank you's and smiles and giving back to the community that can make all the difference.

5. Try to Smile More. No one looks pretty sitting there with a wicked face on. If you sense yourself smiling more, you will feel a little bit happier. Being happy and smiling is contagious.

6. Find the Good in the Bad. Maybe you have an unwanted task at work or struggling in school. Instead of dreading the task, think about what you gain from it. Maybe you are gaining knowledge, skills or you are helping someone.

7. Say I Love You Often. How often do you call your grandparents to tell them you love them? Maybe once a month or maybe it is very frequently. Tell them you love them and why you appreciate them so much. They probably already know but reminding them how amazing they are will make you feel a lot better and them as well.

8. Forgive. Someone at work did something wrong or your friend upset you. Maybe you have been mad at someone for years, but it is never too late to forgive. Don't let the little things get to you. Often the things we carry just burden ourselves. Life is short and unfortunately we are not robots, we are prone to make mistakes. It is how we react to the mistakes that matters.

9. Take Adventures! Spend some time with nature. Have you ever seen the sunrise at the top of a mountain? Go for a hike and breathe fresh air. Do some yoga. Find a positive way to release stress.

10.Spoil Yourself. Nothing is better than a nice treat for yourself. It has been a long week and you want to do something for you. Go get that thing you have been saving up for or go get that sugary coffee before work.

11.Find Out Who You Are. How well do you know yourself? What do you do to decompose after a long day? Perhaps you need to find a hobby that you like. Find out what you like to do and what you are good at.

12.Spend Some Time Alone. Who cares if it is a weekend! It is okay to just relax and be alone.

13. Do Favors. Often you will do a favor for someone and they say they will return it later. Don't ask for anything in return, do it out of kindness.

14.Don't Just Listen to Music...Dance! Go ahead, let your freak flag fly! Dance like no one is watching to your favorite song you know all the words to. It does not matter what others think.

15.Read. Read anything...a book, a magazine, even this article! Stretch some creativity and work your brain muscles.

16. Don't Mind the Opinion of Others. Last but NOT least. Probably one of the most important. We always are so concerned on what others will think if we do this or if we wear that. In the end, it only matters what you think. It is your life. Those who care are the unhappiest. The people who matter will not judge you.

17.Try Something New. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something you have never done.

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