Freshman year...sophomore year, where did they go? As an underclassman, all you dreamed of was being an upperclassman. Well, as great as being an upperclassman is I have never been this stressed in my life. Whoever said that Junior year was the hardest year, was not exaggerating in the least. I have no more 'joke' classes and my Netflix account misses me.

1. You have at least one test or quiz every week.

2. Everyone is breathing down your neck about finding a job/internship.

3. You barely get to see your friends because you're always studying or meeting with career services, so when you see them you get overly excited.

4. You basically live in the library and when someone else is sitting at your usual table you feel betrayed.

5. You're so sick of the dining hall options and every night the food seems to get worse and worse.

6. You think of ordering a pizza but then remember you're poor.

7. You're so stressed out you feel like life is just punching you in the face.

8. Everything bad that can happen to you does, and all in the same week.

9. All of your professors assign you group projects.

10. Your professors act as if the only class you're taking is theirs.

11. You've completely given up on how you look and always throw on sweatpants and slippers.

12. Seeing a dog on campus has become even more exciting.

13. You often ask yourself if this is all worth it.

14. You're suddenly in a long distance relationship with your bed.

15. You check the calendar to see how many more days there are until Christmas break.

16. Then you remember we're here until December 21st.

17. And again, question if it's all worth it.