When you're a senior in college, there are several "gives," not the least of which is the "I'm out of here" attitude. However, if you have experienced any of these tell tale signs, you're definitely on your way out of college:

1. You seem to reminisce—A LOT.

When you see a lost freshman, you fondly remember being overwhelmed by your mile-long campus, and when you see someone entering a dining hall, you actually consider paying $10 to eat at one.

2. At the same time, classes just seem, well, less important.

I mean, how are you really going to use this analysis of The Lefthand of Darkness through a second wave feminist framework in the real world, ya know?

3. You’ve realized that senior year of college is nothing like senior year of high school.

Instead of feeling like you run the place, you kind of feel irrelevant.

4. You see freshman around campus and wonder if a local high school is visiting.

When did everyone get so young?

5. Plus, all of these seemingly twelve year-old freshman are super impressive.

Every other day someone is starting an organization to end hunger or stop the prison industrial complex. You can’t help but think: when I was a freshman, I was just trying to make friends.

6. Everything starts to take on an especial finality.

Last home football game I’ll ever see. Last student center sushi roll I’ll ever eat. Last Econ midterm I’ll ever take (hopefully).

7. You seem to be meeting a lot of cool, new people with whom you want to spend time, and you can’t help but wishing you had met them earlier.

8. You have an existential crisis at least once a day, but you’re (kind of) getting better at dealing with them.

Tomorrow will worry for itself, right? Right?

9. Your friends invite you to a party so you get dressed after 30 minutes of wondering “what kids these days are wearing” and then sit around for another 30 minutes wondering whether or not you can just stay home and read.

10. When you get to what those friends are describing as “the party of the century,” you end up leaving after 15 minutes because the reality of a bunch of drunkenly swaying, sweaty new adults touching you is, frankly, awful.

11. You've become increasingly more philosophical, asking yourself the big questions like, "What is a good life?" and "Does the utility of me spending four hours watching this Netflix Show outweigh the cost of having to write my paper in only two hours?"

12. You ultimately realize your idea of “the party of the century” is a relaxed evening with your favorite people—or better yet, alone—watching The Bachelor, drinking wine, and wearing pajamas.

13. You've gotten used to carrying your resume around with you as well as an extra change of business clothes.

14. Some of your friends are getting engaged and MARRIED orpregnant, and you're like, "I'm not even dating anyone!!"

15. Everyone you know seems to have a job or at least knows what they want to be doing with their life, and you’re just like, “I think I have some employable skills?”

16. You have two feelings when it comes to the future: simultaneously excited (“ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!”) and absolutely terrified (“Who says that I’m ready to be an adult?”)

17. Ultimately, you're pretty sure that things are going to be ok after college, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.