17 Signs You are a Hot Mess

Living in a world where it seems like everyone has it together is hard. If you are a fellow hot mess, these unfortunate daily occurrences resonate with you. Some of us handle life in a much better manner than others. The "others" are a select population of people who do not quite have it all together. Here are 17 signs that you are indeed a hot mess:

1. You somehow always have a stain on you and most of the time you have no idea how it got there.

2. You start the process of getting ready extremely early to avoid being late, but always end up being late.

3. You lose just about everything that you end up touching.

4. You have not seen your bedroom floor in weeks because it is covered in piles of clothes.

5. You wake up in the morning with your hair looking like a rat's nest and last nights make up all over your face.

6. You have gone to school or class with an article of clothing noticeably inside out.

7. You set daily reminders to get something done, and still forget to do it.

8. Your friends are always looking out for you to spill something, trip, fall, or hurt yourself because you are just that clumsy.

9. You thrive in organized chaos.

10. You never seem to understand why some very unfortunate things happen to you.

11. Sometimes you don’t mind, because you have good stories to tell.

12. You admittedly have not washed or combed your hair in days.

13. You have to set you alarm in increments. For example 8 a.m., 8:15, 8:30, 8:45, 9 a.m.

14. You finally put things in their proper place, but then when you go to find them you think you lost them.

15. You are always in a rush to your destination because you decided that your bed needed you more.

16. Your eyes are always closed in whatever photo you take.

17. You openly admit to things that most people would never admit to.

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