After sitting in class after class, lecture after lecture, certain things start to annoy you. It's bad enough that your stomach is growling and you're borderline hangry but to top it off you have the sniffler behind you, the girl bouncing her leg up against her backpack making an irritating noise and your professor keeping you late.

1. The girl in front of you spends the whole class leaning backwards with her hair draping all over your desk, and laptop, and coffee...

2. The professor now decides to explain - in detail - the content that was on the previous exam. Great timing, thanks.

3. That one person that sniffles every five seconds. Please, just blow your nose.

4. The person who always brings a snack to class and you have to listen to the rustling bag and loud crunching of chips.

5. When the professor is clearly about to let you out early and says,"Okay, any questions?" and someone's hand flies up to ask a pointless question. You just like the sound of your own voice.

6. When the same person always walks in to class five minutes late. Haven't you learned the time you leave is'nt working?

7. When someone takes your unassigned assigned seat in the middle of the year. Hello, that seat is MINE.

8. When the girl in front of you spends all class on Facebook and then asks you for your notes. Yea, sorry I gotta go.

9. When the professor shows up a minute before we're excused to leave. Freedom was so close.

10. When people slurp and obnoxiously stir their iced coffees. We get it you need your coffee, but there's a straw for a reason.

11. Those people who give the most long-winded responses to every question they answer.

12. The people who ask what you think will be on the exam and what twenty different concepts mean ...ten minutes before the exam begins.

13. When people bounce their leg up and down against their backpack, making an annoying noise. Why must you do that?

14. When someone raises their hand and asks a question about something that was literally just explained. It is so obvious you were not at all paying attention.

15. When the professor spends forever talking about one thing and before you know it, you're beyond bored.

16. When the professor hands out a pop quiz in the last ten minutes of class. Really?

17. When your professor starts class early AND keeps you late.