Our best friends are called that for a reason: they're the ones that give the best advice, have our best interests at heart and are the give us the best outfit critiques. There are a ton of bonuses that come along with having best friends, but there are moments where they're not going to be the perfect people they appear to be.

There will be times when our friends tell us little white lies (not back-stabbing level) that might be saving us from getting hurt or just getting confused. We've all been there and we've probably all said them at some point in time, which is why we've learned to justify a few little white lies.

1. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes!"

*walking out of shower and still needs to do hair and makeup*

2. "My mom said I can't go out tonight I'm sorry!"

The truth: they really just don't feel like moving from their couch.

3. "No, I don't want any of your food."

They're trying not to be greedy, but they really do want some of that pizza.

4. "You didn't embarrass yourself last night."

It probably wasn't that bad, but it was probably worse than they're making it seem.

5. "I don't get annoyed when you hang out with your other best friend!"

*Secretly loathes whenever you hang out with anyone else*

6. "I'll go to the gym with you tomorrow."

You will have to drag them off of the couch for this one.

7. "I won't let you order cheesy bread at 2 am anymore don't worry!"

Secretly, they love when you order cheesy bread because they know that they're getting some too.

8. *You ask to borrow a top they really wanted to wear* "No, you can wear it I don't mind!"

The sacrifices they'll make for you are insane.

9. "I don't mind *insert boys name you kinda like*!"

Abort mission if this is said. The truth is they think you can do 100x better.

10. "No one will notice that pimple."

Most of the time, this isn't a lie. But sometimes, they need to make you stop thinking about that blemish on your face and have a good time.

11. "I love that shirt!"

Not that it doesn't look good on you, but it's not their taste and they would just never think of buying it.

12. "I deleted that picture of you!"

Little do you know that this picture will be brought up again in about 7 months or on your birthday.

13. "Alcoholic calories don't count."

They're lying to themselves too tbh.

14. "It's not bad that you texted them at 2 am last night!"

Then they add "just don't do it again."

15. "No, I'm not mad you had my last cheese stick."

Replace "cheese stick" with a chocolate bar, ice cream, avocado, etc. A good rule: don't eat the last of anything, ever.

16. "I didn't Snapchat him last night when we were out."

You know that they did Snapchat that boy that they definitely shouldn't be trying to talk to, but you know you can't get mad because you've done the same thing.

17. "I totally paid attention to everything you just said."

Don't blame them; they're either thinking about food, sleep, planning their outfit for the night, or totally just thinking about how much of an amazing person you are. Valid, right?