17 Lies Every Best Friend Has Told Us That We Can't Get Mad At

17 Lies Every Best Friend Has Told Us That We Can't Get Mad At

4. "You didn't embarrass yourself last night."

Our best friends are called that for a reason: they're the ones that give the best advice, have our best interests at heart and are the give us the best outfit critiques. There are a ton of bonuses that come along with having best friends, but there are moments where they're not going to be the perfect people they appear to be.

There will be times when our friends tell us little white lies (not back-stabbing level) that might be saving us from getting hurt or just getting confused. We've all been there and we've probably all said them at some point in time, which is why we've learned to justify a few little white lies.

1. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes!"

*walking out of shower and still needs to do hair and makeup*

2. "My mom said I can't go out tonight I'm sorry!"

The truth: they really just don't feel like moving from their couch.

3. "No, I don't want any of your food."

They're trying not to be greedy, but they really do want some of that pizza.

4. "You didn't embarrass yourself last night."

It probably wasn't that bad, but it was probably worse than they're making it seem.

5. "I don't get annoyed when you hang out with your other best friend!"

*Secretly loathes whenever you hang out with anyone else*

6. "I'll go to the gym with you tomorrow."

You will have to drag them off of the couch for this one.

7. "I won't let you order cheesy bread at 2 am anymore don't worry!"

Secretly, they love when you order cheesy bread because they know that they're getting some too.

8. *You ask to borrow a top they really wanted to wear* "No, you can wear it I don't mind!"

The sacrifices they'll make for you are insane.

9. "I don't mind *insert boys name you kinda like*!"

Abort mission if this is said. The truth is they think you can do 100x better.

10. "No one will notice that pimple."

Most of the time, this isn't a lie. But sometimes, they need to make you stop thinking about that blemish on your face and have a good time.

11. "I love that shirt!"

Not that it doesn't look good on you, but it's not their taste and they would just never think of buying it.

12. "I deleted that picture of you!"

Little do you know that this picture will be brought up again in about 7 months or on your birthday.

13. "Alcoholic calories don't count."

They're lying to themselves too tbh.

14. "It's not bad that you texted them at 2 am last night!"

Then they add "just don't do it again."

15. "No, I'm not mad you had my last cheese stick."

Replace "cheese stick" with a chocolate bar, ice cream, avocado, etc. A good rule: don't eat the last of anything, ever.

16. "I didn't Snapchat him last night when we were out."

You know that they did Snapchat that boy that they definitely shouldn't be trying to talk to, but you know you can't get mad because you've done the same thing.

17. "I totally paid attention to everything you just said."

Don't blame them; they're either thinking about food, sleep, planning their outfit for the night, or totally just thinking about how much of an amazing person you are. Valid, right?

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Mueller

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True Friendships Can Feel Like Something Straight Out of a Movie, Because Mine is Nothing Short of a Miracle

A friendship fit for angels
Disclaimer: This story is highly unbelievable, but the content is 100% true. It's something you would expect to be in a movie or something

Have you ever had something that happened to you and it is so bizarre it is almost unfathomable? ... Because I did. The only way you have a chance of grasping the miraculous thing that happened to me is if I start from the very beginning. So please take a seat if you are standing and prepare to be mind-blown...

Here is a story that I wouldn't believe, except it happened to me.

So you hear over and over again, everything happens for a reason. It is easy to apply this to some things but a lot harder to apply to others. I am going to tell you a real, honest story about something that happened to me and I cannot to this day fathom the full extent of this. If you are not saying to yourself, "Wow," "How," or "WTF" at the end of this article — you seriously might have to read it over again.

This past summer I spend four weeks at a Young Life camp called SharpTop Cove, in Jasper, GA doing Summer Staff. In other words, I left my phone and the outside world behind while I got to spend the most glorious four weeks of my life in the mountains day after day making crafts with people and being a living image of God's Glory for all.

I swear if you woke up every day surrounded by the remarkable people I was and got to see the beauty of all that God created I that one place, it would be just about enough to make anyone see what heaven on earth looks like.

A way into my time serving at SharpTop, I was cutting colored floss so one of the campers could make something in the Bead Barn. It felt like something completely random since I was in Georgia, but this one girl asked me if I went to Virginia Tech. First, you should know that I was, in fact, wearing a VT T-shirt, but at this moment I had no recollection of what apparel I had put in while still half asleep that morning. After checking to see that I did indeed have on a VT T-shirt, I looked at her and told her I do.

Inside at this time I was completely shocked because few people paid attention in Georgia to VT because it is not an SEC school and borderline irrelevant down there. But anyways... She then proceeded to tell me that she was going to be a freshman in the fall. This is where I was screaming inside. As the week progressed I got to talk to her a little more and we exchanged information so I could contact her when I was back in the real world.

Elise. A name I will remember for the rest of my existence. Had I not put on that VT shirt while half asleep that morning or has Elise not inquires about that shirt, nothing that follows would have ever happened.

After my four weeks on Summer Staff, I finally returned home, and unfortunately, summer eventually began to wind down. I did not forget about my interaction with Elise at camp. I did, however, lose her phone number because I am incredibly irresponsible at times. Thanks to my crafty cyber-stalking skills, I was able to find Elise on Instagram and DMed her.

Just for the record, Instagram DMing is highly inefficient but it was all I had to work with. My proof:

It was fantastic to catch up with Elise but there was only so much to talk about. There was only so much to talk about and I really could not wait until we were both at Virginia Tech.

When everyone was moved in and Blacksburg was transformed from its summer small town to full-blown college town, I invited Elise to one of the Young Life Welcome Week events, an Ice Cream Social. It was so amazing to get to see Elise again, hundreds of miles away from where we first met by chance.

Elise seemed great. She said she loved VT so far and a bunch of her hallmates joined us in going the ice cream social. In fact, I felt like Elise had it all covered and that was the last I saw her.

Well, obviously it was not actually the last time I saw her because then this would be a terrible article and I would have gotten you hope up for practically nothing.

The next time I saw Elise it was when I turned around in an auditorium packed with hundreds of girls and she was not even two rows behind me. Because we are both a little frazzled sometimes, we were both placed in the same Rho Gamma group for Formal Sorority Recruitment. It only took us over a month to figure this out. But let me elaborate on how bizarre it was we were in the same group:

Out of over a thousand girls, each girl was randomly placed into one of over 25 Rho Gamma groups. Each group had upwards of about 40 girls. So basically, by the Grace of God, we were destined to cross paths yet again.

For the entire week of formal recruitment, which is about six 12 hour long days, Elise and I sat crammed next to each other. It was so refreshing to talk to her. During the process of recruitment, you are strictly not allowed to talk about the process itself. Fortunately enough, Elise and I had so much else to talk about. We discovered that even though we are a year apart in school much of what I felt my freshman year she felt too. These things that we both went through were not just typical freshman year struggles. At the same time, we were experiencing some of the same spiritual struggles and minor life crises. You really do not randomly run into someone in Georgia then, five months later sit on a floor with them for hours on end, discovering all that you have in common.

Halfway through the week, laying in bed at night I thought, "Wow. Sometimes God just puts people in your life to rock your world."

As recruitment went on, it got a lot more mentally and physically straining, but Elise and I's friendship only continued to build. In spite that we were really really not supposed to talk about our experiences during recruitment on the last day, we did. To be fair, we mostly just talked about how we felt lost even though we would be "running home" the next day. Formal recruitment makes to question a lot of things. That is not bad, but it is not easy. Going into our final rankings, we had no clue what we ourselves were going to do much less what the other was going to do.

The next day, even after we had ranked and made our final decisions, now we got to bond over the anxiety of what we would open our bids to. Finally, the time came, and of course, Elise and I were sitting side by side. Many people will describe opening their bids with a variety of feelings. Mine was paralytic. I mean after the endless hours of worrying, the single card I held in my hand is what all that had paid off for. Opening my envelope, I was frozen because I had so many emotions pumping through my body at the same time. I was relieved that the recruitment process was over, ecstatic to find my place and meet my new family, anxious to know who else had the same chapter on their card, and a little scared because I honestly had no clue what to expect. Before I even processed what this all meant, I turned to Elise. Her bid read, "Pi Beta Phi."

I am 20 years old, but at this moment I literally almost peed my pants.

Elise and I both had gotten a bid from Pi Beta Phi. Now whenever I count my blessings, I count this twice. To this day I still am in disbelief of how one interaction five months before in the mountains of Georgia allowed me to become connected with a girl from Maryland and now we are forever sisters thanks to Pi Beta Phi at Virginia Tech.

This whole experience gave me a lot. What the greatest gift was, other than Elise, is a perfect realization and real example that God is always working in my life. Sometimes, it just takes five months for Him to finish what magnificent thing He has started. Patience is definitely a strong virtue to have in life.

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Cole

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Friendships That Last

Those you can always count on

We all have friends, some good, some not so good, some very needy, others completely insane, but after all, friends.

But then, there are the two true types of friends that you know will last you a lifetime. The ones that you text, Snapchat, send Instagram pictures to, all at the same time while having different conversations. And the other ones are the ones that you don’t really talk too much often but you will always text each other on your birthday and have conversations as if time had never passed by.

I have had both of these friendships and yeah, the girl that is my best friend and I spend all day communicating somehow—sending each other signals that we are alive—with each other, some of my best friends I didn’t text or Snapchat every day, but I would see them every day so same difference.

But on the other hand, some of the people that I would say I know and knows me the most I haven’t seen in months and others in years, and we don’t talk constantly. Why do I say these two friendships are the best? Easy. These two are the more loyal ones. Of course, humans are humans and can ruin or screw up something at any time but, personally, the people I have these friendships with are the ones that have stick with me through it all.

The reasons I have to believe this are actually very simple. On one side, if we talking to you through every possible social media possible, we sure are very comfortable with each other and relate with one-another a lot. On the other side, if I dedicate so much time talking to you and sharing my thoughts and ideas, your opinions must have some importance in my life and I should really trust you.

But, it’s different for when you don’t see each other and don’t talk much. In that case, if you always text each other on special occasions, it shows that they think of you, even when you might not have talked to each other in months. The other thing is that if when you talk it feels as if time has never passed, it shows that the person truly knows you, and remember the little things you have told her. In all cases, making for pretty good friendship outcomes, at least in my opinion.

I can’t say these things always apply to all people, but for most, I think it does. Every friendship is different, as well as every person. But there is one thing I believe applies to all. No one will dedicate their time keeping a friendship they don’t care about. Because guess what, people make time and will only go out of their way for what they want.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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