16 Things UNG Freshmen Actually Need to Know
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16 Things UNG Freshmen Actually Need to Know

From a senior who knows a few things.

16 Things UNG Freshmen Actually Need to Know

A little while ago, a fellow writer here at UNG wrote an article on 7 Pieces Of Brutally Honest Advice For UNG Freshmen. As a senior here at UNG, I had a good laugh it at because I understood most of what she talked about. However, it did take a negative tone towards the school, and seeing that list as a freshman would not be encouraging. Through my four years here at UNG, I have seen and experienced a lot, and much like writing letters to freshmen in high school, I should pass on a few things that freshmen at UNG should actually know.

1. You won't always find your class when registering.

Sometimes one class fills really fast. You may need to keep an eye on it through drop/add week.

2. Your first semester will probably be your worst, academically.

You are going to find college classes are very different from high school, so there is a bit of a learning curve.

3. Most of your class sizes will be small.

That gives you a better chance to get to know your professor.

4. We take our traditions seriously.

It is a part of the history and culture of the college. They aren't hard to observe either.

5. You'll need a car, or friend with a car, to get around.

The walk from one end of campus to another isn't hard, but the town is pretty isolated from nearby cities.

6. The scenery is beautiful.

Summer, fall, winter, and spring. You will never get tired of it.

7. There is plenty to explore.

There are many hiking trails and parks in the area. If that isn't your thing, Gainesville is only a thirty minute drive away.

8. We don't have a football team.

It's not a big thing here. We have basketball, baseball, track and field teams and many more instead.

9. We have many clubs.

We have many student organizations from rowing to rock climbing and Greek Life to a video game club. There is a little something for everyone.

10. Chow won't always have the best food.

Sometimes you should just stick to the sandwich or Mongolian Grill lines.

11. Chow has themed nights and a monthly steak night.

That's when the real good food comes out.

12. When it snows, the town shuts down.

Snow and mountain roads don't mix well.

13. HNS hill will start as a hike.

Once you get used to it, it'll be a breeze.

14. The Suites are the best housing for biology majors.

Being right next to the building with most of our classes is great. I lived in them all four years and loved it.

15. Some of your friends will transfer.

They'll move onto bigger school like Georgia Tech or UGA that have programs to suit their needs.

16. You'll fall in love with this little town of gold.

It may take some time to grow on you, but it will.

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