Whether you're writing a story, an essay, a paper, an article, a script or even a poem, at some point you probably encountered the dreadful "writer's block." Here are just some of the thoughts that occur when you're sitting there staring at the blank piece of paper.

1. Just write something down!

Even if it's just your name, it's still something... right?

2. What am I supposed to even write about?

3. My brain is broken.

4. I quit.

5. Words are hard.

6. I'm hungry.

7. Oh no, now I'm thirsty.

8. I can watch Netflix and write, right?

9. This is fine. This is going well.

10. I should probably go enjoy some nature.

11. Does cleaning my room count as productivity?

12. Okay, seriously. I can do this.

13. But it's so nice today, Maybe tomorrow...

14. Oh wow, I'm tired. I think I need sleep.

15. Okay, this is it. Time to get to work.

16. I did it! That wasn't too hard...