We all have those moments when we act without thinking -- and the results can range from incredibly embarrassing to absolutely devastating. If you're like me, this happens on the daily.

1. Bought a song on iTunes.

Because let's face it -- unless you want something by Adele or Taylor Swift, pretty much everything else is on Spotify. Dag nabbit!

2. Worn rain boots because you thought it was going to rain, but alas -- no rain.

Now your feet are all warm and sweaty and those boots are Just so clunky, damn!

3. Texted the wrong person something like: "Hey babe ;)" Oh crap!

4. Raised your hand in class...and totally forgot your point. C'mon!

5. Ordered pizza at 12:30 a.m., and then had to keep yourself up for another 45 minutes until it arrived.

Food is greater than sleep.

6. Went out when you had a lot of work to do.

The agony.

7. Didn't hold the door for the person behind you...and they're in your next class.

So awkward.

8. Spent over 15 dining dollars in one day -- Must gain self-control.

9. Signed up for too many college clubs -- The overcommitment!

10. Ordered the Uber too early. Everyone hurry up!

11. Hit snooze one too many times. Are you kidding?!

12. Waved back to someone who wasn't actually waving to you. Oh, the embarrassment.

13. Bought a non-returnable item online. I swore it was gonna fit me!

14. Called a professor, boss, or significant other "Mom" or "Dad" by accident. What just happened?!

15. Ordered the wrong thing at a restaurant. Well, this was worth the $14.95!

16. Sworn in front of an elderly person, person of authority, or basically anyone else you're not supposed to swear in front of.

I take it back!