16 Questions That'll Make Natural Redheads SEE Red, Too

16 Questions That'll Make Natural Redheads SEE Red, Too

With the hair color comes the inevitable questions and comments.

Lindsey McEvoy

1. Is that your natural hair color?

This is definitely the #1 question people ask me in regards to my hair. My answer is always short and sweet- “YES.”

2. You must be really Irish

Since my last name is Irish I can understand how people would assume this, but I am actually more Scottish than Irish.

3. Do you get tan or do you just burn?

Unlike a lot of redheads, I’m in the sun almost every day during the summer. Believe it or not, I do get some color (yay for tan lines!) but it takes me the majority of the summer to notice a difference. I do burn but I rarely get a bad one.

4. You must have really sensitive skin

It’s true; I do have really sensitive skin. I bruise easily and sometimes have no idea where they come from. I constantly have to be conscious of types of products I use on my skin and it’s a pain sometimes.

5. Did you put enough sunscreen on?

Yes, I have dealt with my sun-sensitive skin my whole life; of course, I put sunscreen on. I don’t look like a ghost when I do, but I know when I need to re-apply.

6. Can I call you Ginger?

Uhhhh, no. You can call me by name though

7. Redheads are going extinct, you know?

I honestly don’t understand this one. I have never seen a shortage of redheads and I don’t believe we’re going anywhere anytime soon.

8. Can I touch your hair?

I was actually asked this question when I was younger and it made me very uncomfortable. I was in the bathroom at a hockey rink and while I was washing my hands, an older woman came out of the stall and complimented me on my hair color. She then asked if she could touch it and being young at the time, I panicked and said yes (yikes!). What an experience that was.

9. Gingers have no souls

FALSE! This one is just aggravating.

10. You look just like _____ because you both have red hair?

Thanks for telling me I “look” like someone who I look nothing like just because of our hair color:/

11. I would kill for hair like that

This is terrifying to hear. It’s just hair people.

12. Never dye your hair; people spend a lot of money for that color

I can’t picture myself with any other hair color and I don’t plan on it anytime soon, thanks.

13. You have so many freckles

Yes I know I do. Since I actually go out in the sun, I get a lot of them in the summer, but not enough that you can’t see my skin (thank god).

14. Where did you get the red hair gene? Does anyone else in your family have red hair?

Well, red hair is recessive so someone in my family carries the gene. No one in my immediate family has red hair and this question is frequently asked when I am out with my family. My parents have relatives on both sides that had red hair.

15. Have you ever thought about getting highlights?

Absolutely not. Personally, I think red hair with blonde highlights is just a weird combination.

16. Do you think your kids will have red hair too?

I actually have thought of this before. It’s possible that the gene will carry over to my kids but it depends.

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