16 Things Every College Student Wants for Christmas

16 Things Every College Student Wants for Christmas

Come on Santa, help us out.

It's come to the point in the semester where I wish I could be writing letters to Santa asking for all kinds of toys for Christmas instead of studying. Or can I...? In all seriousness, everyone knows that finals can put quite a damper on a college student's holiday spirit. In the spirit of Christmas (and procrastinating studying), here is the ultimate college student Christmas list, created by yours truly.

1. A 4.0 GPA

There comes a point when having four exams, two papers, and a project due all within seven days can be a little overwhelming...

2. Sleep

College is the time where all-nighters become all too real. Can't we have a break?

3. Money in my bank account

How I manage to spend so much money so quickly? You tell me, Santa.

4. Real food

Cafeteria food can get real old, real fast. And even if you live on your own, making meals ever day can be even more annoying. So what sounds better than a home cooked meal?

5. More Sleep

Just let me lay in bed for 72 hours straight, binge watching netflix, and sleeping.

6. No questions from family members at Christmas dinner

Nothing gets more irritating than hearing "Oh honey how's college? Are your classes going well? Have you met any boys?" Yes, Grandma. College is fine, my classes are hard, and no, I certainly have not met any boys.

7. Free coffee forever

All in favor of Starbucks starting a college student rewards program say I!

8. The perfect boyfriend

Just looking for someone to make snow angels, go ice skating, eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookie dough and snuggle with. Is that too much to ask?

9. No responsibilities

Nothing sounds better than being a second grader again where my biggest responsibility was trying to figure out how to do addition and subtraction.

10. A killer resume

What could possibly be better than having all the credentials for your dream job all laid out on paper?

11. A shower that doesn't smell like feet

Community bathrooms can be gross, but having your own bathroom can sometimes be even more gross. I just want to be able to shower without having to wear flip-flops all the time.

12. A six pack (but not having to work out to get one)

Come on Santa, pull through and just let me have a really fast metabolism so I can eat ungodly amounts of Christmas cookies and not gain any weight

13. Dogs

Honestly nothing will ever be more cute than a dog.

14. More sleep

Dare I say more?

15. Someone to do my laundry

Mom, please help. I don't want to adult any longer.

16. First pick on classes

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than no 8am classes.

17. A medical school acceptance letter

Because undergrad is only just the beginning..

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2. "Does my hair look greasy?"

3. "We should probably clean tomorrow..."

4. "What should I caption this??"

5. "Is it bad if I text ____ first??"

6. "Should we order pizza?"

7. *Roommate tells an entire story* "Wait, what?"

8. "How is it already 3 AM?"

9. "I need a drink."

10. "McDonalds? McDonalds."


12. "Okay like, for real, I need to study."

13. "Why is there so much hair on our floor?"

14. "I think I'm broke."

15. "What do I respond to this?"

16. "Let's have a movie night."

17. "Why are we so weird?"

18. "Do you think people will notice if I wear this 2 days in a row?"

19. "That guy is so stupid."

20. "Do I look fat in this?"

21. "Can I borrow your phone charger?

22. "Wanna go to the lib tonight?"

23. "OK, we really need to go to the gym soon."

24. "I kinda want some taco bell."

25. "Let's go out tonight."

26. "I wonder what other people on this floor think of us."

27. "Let's go to the mall."

28. "Can I use your straightener?"

29. "I need coffee."

30. "I'm bored, come back to the room."

31. "Should we go home this weekend?"

32. "We should probably do laundry soon."

33. "Can you see through these pants?"

34. "Sometimes I feel like our room is a frat house..."

35. "Guys I swear I don't like him anymore."

36."Can I borrow a pencil?"

37. "I need to get my life together...."

38. "So who's buying the Uber tonight?"

39. "Let's walk to class together."

40. "Are we really pulling an all-nighter tonight?"

41. "Who's taking out the trash?"

42. "What happened last night?"

43. "Can you help me do my hair?"

44. "What should I wear tonight?"

45. "You're not allowed to talk to him tonight."

46. "OMG, my phone is at 1 percent."

47. "Should we skip class?"

48. "What should we be for Halloween?"

49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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I Have No Idea What I Want To Do With My Life And It Is Freaking Me Out

It has always been a dream of mine to live in a big city with a great job.


Before I started my freshman year at college, I knew I have always wanted to study business. When the year began, everyone said the business school was very hard to get into so that kind of threw me off a little. So I decided to be undecided freshman year and then just figure it out on the way and find out what else interests me.

My sophomore year came and I knew talking to people has always been a strength of mine and I have always enjoyed it. So my second semester of sophomore year I took a communications class and I thought it was very interesting so I decided to declare that as my major. I have always been very cautious about what I wanted my major to be because I have always had the mindset that what you major in college is what you will do for the rest of your life. Since I have declared communication as my major I still don't think that is what I want to do as a career and still believe I will be a businesswoman when I am older, in some other field.

I love talking with others and advertising with other people. I also have thought about when I am done with college to go to graduate school to see if I still don't know what to do then I could figure it out there. I just want to do something that I love and be successful doing it. I get so worried about my career and I know something will jump out at me if I'm patient. I am just worried that I will get a job and wind up not liking it and keep having to change jobs. It's very important to me that I pick something that I enjoy doing because the last couple jobs I've had aren't ones that I see myself acting upon in the future. All of these jobs involved communicating with people but they were both in the restaurant business and don't think I would want to do that.

I want to live in a major city with a lot going on when I have my job. Places like Chicago or New York would be awesome and it would be so fun to be able to go downtown five days a week to work. It has always been a dream of mine to live in a big city with a great job. If living in either of those cities, I would have to make enough money to support myself and live independently. I know I shouldn't worry too much right now because a lot of people still don't know what they are doing even though they are out of college. So I do have some time to figure it out. My job right now is to figure it out what interests me and makes me happy.

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