16 Terrible Things About Being A Recent College Graduate
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16 Terrible Things About Being A Recent College Graduate

Can I go back yet?

16 Terrible Things About Being A Recent College Graduate

Congratulations, you have successfully completed approximately 17 years of schooling and now you're probably thinking "WTF!" You're not alone. Sure, being done with school is great and you can now start your actual life, but there are definitely some terrible, not so great things about being done with college:

1. Your hometown is probably boring

College is super fun, you're constantly surrounded by your closest friends and whether you have fun by staying in or by going out, there is always something to do, but now that you're home, you're probably BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND. You no longer can walk/Uber to your friends and there is probably nothing to do in your town besides go out for pizza.

2. Everyone asks you what your plans are

I swear to GOD, the minute my fake diploma was handed to me at commencement, everyone and their moms asked me what I was planning on doing with my life. I graduated .02 seconds ago, I honestly just wanna have a drink and take a nap, let me get back to you!

3. You have to think about more schooling

You're one of the most educated people in the world, but let's face it, the job industry is TOUGH. If you wanna get a job nowadays, you probably need to go back to school for yep, another degree. You just finished college and you want to relax, but there's no time for that! Go study for the GREs and get moving on the next phase of your life!

4. You're not in college anymore

Saying you were in college was almost like a scapegoat for a lot of things, such as being able to drink at 2 p.m. on a random Wednesday, but now that you've graduated, being drunk at 2 p.m. on a random Wednesday is called "alcoholism" and isn't normal/healthy anymore.

5. It's time to lose your college weight

Everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE, gains some weight in college, and let's face it, gaining it is much more fun than trying to lose it. Drinking beers and eating calzones at 2 AM are staples in remembering your best nights at college, but now that you've graduated, it's time to lose the 15 pounds you gained freshman year and the 10 pounds you gained after turning 21. It's not fun. I feel for you.

6. Darties no longer exist

Basically, wtf is a darty? The second you go home after graduating, you forget that day parties are even a thing. No, Memorial Day and Fourth of July picnics don't count, but nice try!

7. You keep remembering that you're not going back next fall

Every once in a while you think "yes, can't wait to go back in the fall and see-" and then you remember that there is no going back next fall. You're all done and sure you can go back and visit and be an active alumni, but that's not the same.

8. Getting all of your friends together is downright impossible

If you go to school out of state, this is even harder. All of your BFFs live in all different states and have all different schedules and all different plans for the rest of their now adult lives, so coming together as a unity is a hell of a lot harder than you thought it would be and it's sad and you miss your people like crazy.

9. Moving back home is TOUGH

You're used to complete freedom. You lived by yourself for 4 years and you didn't have to listen to anyone (except for summers and winter break). You're used to being able to do whatever you want whenever you want, and now a lot of that is taken away because you no longer live on your own. Adjusting to this is really hard and reminds you just how badly you want a place of your own again.

10. Going to the bar is like going to your high school reunion

For some reason, everyone in your hometown goes to the same one bar, so of course, when you go you see everyone you graduated high school with. You probably went to college to avoid 96% of these people and now y'all are back together and it's low-key heartbreaking.

11. No restaurants deliver

This one doesn't need an explanation.

12. You have nowhere to wear your going out clothes

You spent a good portion of your money on clothes to wear out to the bar, and now you're an adult and wearing body suits to your local restaurant isn't really acceptable, so your "thotwear" stays in your closet for all of eternity collecting dust in the hopes that you'll be able to wear your favorite going out outfit one more time.

13. The dating pool dries up

At school, you're constantly meeting new people; whether it's in your classes or at parties or at the bar, you're frequently talking to new people and the opportunity to meet your soul mate can happen at any second. The minute you graduate that dating pool shrinks A LOT.

14. You constantly run into your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

Your local grocery store is basically the meeting spot for you and your ex-partner, except neither of you planned on meeting there. You've spent the past four years avoiding your ex-high school sweetheart, but the minute you graduate and have your guard down is the minute you see them again. Yes, it's just as awkward as you think it's going to be.

15. Gyms are no longer free

You spent the last four years either going to a free gym or saying that you're going to start going to the free gym. You've now graduated and gym memberships are no longer free.

16. You just genuinely miss college

Everyone always says that college is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life and now that you've recently graduated, you feel like you're never going to have fun again. This is obviously dramatic and untrue, but for the time being you just miss everything about being at college and being a college student, but have no fear things will get better (I REALLY HOPE).

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