16 Struggles College Students Have Returning From Winter Break

16 Struggles College Students Have Returning From Winter Break

Because no college student has a clue what is happening as soon as they come back to campus...

Yes, it feels pretty good to be back on campus! You’re once again reunited with that freedom you needed, and seeing your friends again. But that also means it’s once again time to wake up early, sit in classes, and work on those long papers again. For students, it's hard to re-adjust to college life and practice a routine again. Of course, we’re in college for a reason, but it’s still a struggle. Here’s 16 struggles that college students have when returning from break!

1. Being forced to use your alarm again…

Can’t wait to start setting my alarms to 8:00, 8:05, 8:15, and 8:30 again! If you’re not a morning person and you picked an 8am class for the semester, congratulations, you played yourself.

2. Going back to your "horrible" college diet.

Back to endless Chick-Fil-A and desperately trying to burn it off at the gym…and crying about how you’ll never do it again…..*repeats 7 days a week*

3. Constantly writing 2017 instead of 2018 at the top of your notes...so you either have to cross it off or start over.

Don’t we all have this struggle? This has at least happened to us once.

4. Living with your roommate

Because you were so used to having your own room and now you have to be aware of changing your clothes and realizing you have to compromise, and them probably bugging you...on purpose. But having a roommate makes your college experience much more interesting!

5. Buying textbooks for class

When you spend $500 on textbooks that you will never use….like ever.

6. Sitting in lectures and not having a clue what’s happening...

*Continues to think about how much time you have to go get Chick-Fil-A and make it in time for your next lecture* Or your brain activity is probably this GIF

7. Trying to remember your Student ID Login and other Passwords

Not to mention if your school requires you to keep changing it every semester. Always write your new password down somewhere every time you change it. Most students will change their password from "Unicorns123" to "Unicorns1234."

8. Realizing that you don't have your car anymore and you have to get used to relying on Uber & Lyft.

You thought trying to come up with gas money was bad? Imagine having to wait for someone to pick you up and having to pay $10 for each ride! But there are benefits to taking Uber and Lyft!

9. Going out at night with your friends and dealing with the aftermath of waking up early in the morning.

This is what the word "bitter-sweet" means...

10. The stress over Sorority Recruitment (even if you aren't in Greek Life)

Because this is the time where everyone is under stress about which one they want to join, and the constant chanting and then being tired. You will literally eat, sleep, and breathe your sorority. Even if you aren't apart of Greek Life, you are still going to have to hear your friends rant about recruitment, or just the stress of rushing in general.

11. Your Winter Body...

Well, if you're not walking everywhere in college, you won't be able to burn off all of that food you're eating. And you basically ate yourself into a coma over break It's important to stay active!

12. Almost falling off the beds because you sleep on a Twin XL

Not going to lie, I love my college bed. However, if you toss and turn in your sleep, keep in mind that there's not a lot of room. One wrong move and that's a bad fall.

13. 10-Page Papers

I don't know her...

14. All Nighters FOR Your 10-Page papers

Sorry if you guys hear a dying whale next door, that’s just me crying about whether the font should be Arial or Times New Roman at 3am.

15. Living off of $1.32 in your bank account.

When you’re lazy and now you actually have to be the finesse queen again.

16. Missing your friends & family from back home but realizing you’re finally reunited with your school friends + freedom again!

Because of course I missed my amazing college friends and being able to be independent again!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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To High School Seniors Picking A College, Keep This In Mind

Picking a college is really stressful even if you know what you want to do and where you want to go.

College Acceptance Day is approaching fast! May 1st is a little under 3 months away. While some high schoolers have known exactly what they want to do and where they want to go to college since the first day of freshman year, I'm sure there is a large majority of seniors who have no idea what the right choice for them is.

I also see this when I give tours at Penn State. Students don't know what questions to ask and often have no idea what they want to do.

Picking a college is really stressful even if you know what you want to do and where you want to go.

I asked other college students, ranging from freshman to seniors, what they wish they knew before they picked their college, and here is what they said:

"Actually go look at the campus and make sure it is the right fit. You'll know right away whether it's a good fit or not."

Going to see the campus is a definite because it's not always what it looks like online. Going to see the campus will let you see if you like the college and will give you a feel for whether its right for you or not. I think that you will get a feeling if the school is wrong for you, but I do not completely believe in the "this is the one" feeling, so don't worry if you don't feel that. Get to know the campus culture and make sure you are comfortable with it and will have fun going to school there.

"You can always transfer."

Sometimes you pick a college and after a few weeks or a semester, you realize the school isn't right for you, and that is completely okay. Picking a college isn't make it or break it because you can always transfer. Go to a school that works for you, and if you don't find your place, transferring is always an option.

"It's okay to go somewhere that scares you."

College is about what type of people go there, what you can learn from it, and what opportunities it will have available for you. If you live in Florida but want to go to school in Connecticut, do it. If you go to a small high school but want to go to a large university, do it. Don't be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. That is what college is all about. And remember, you can always transfer if it's not the right fit for you.

"It will take time to make friends."

Finding a group of friends in college is sometimes one of the hardest parts. But just remember, everyone is in the same boat as you and is trying to make new friends. You probably won't automatically have a big group of friends just because you are living in a dorm. You need to be active on campus and join groups that interest you in order to find people with similar interests. Plus, having few friends isn't always a bad thing, sometimes less is more.

Just because all of your high school friends are going to a certain college, it doesn't mean that college is right for you. You can make new friends and still have your old ones too.

"It's okay to be selfish when picking a college."

Make sure to pick a school that has what you want and makes YOU happy. Your family members and friends are not going to school with you, so you don't need to please them with your decision. You need to find a school that has the academics, clubs, and environment that is going to make you happy and helps you succeed.

"The food is more important than you may think."

It might not sound important, but you can become pretty unhappy with a school if you are always unhappy with what you are eating. If you don't mind cooking, this can be solved by getting a dorm or apartment with a kitchen. But if you don't plan on cooking, take some time to see what food options are available and if you will be okay with eating that all the time.

"It's okay to not know what you want to major in before you start school."

If you have no idea what you want to major in, chose a school with a lot of options. If you can't decide between Broadcast Journalism and Marine Science, pick a school that gives you the option to try both. Focus your first two semesters on gen eds that cover a wide range of topics and see what interests you.

Yes, picking a college is hard. How are you supposed to know what you want to do for the next four years? Just remember, it is okay to be unsure and don't be afraid to ask for advice. If you have some friends currently in college, ask them "What do you wish you knew before you picked your college?"

Cover Image Credit: Upsplash

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Halfway Done with the Semester

Advice for all college students

As we all know, we are halfway through the Spring 2018 semester. This means that we are about eight weeks until the end and then summer will come! But as we finish up some might find it hard to keep motivated to finish. As for the seniors, finish strong! Don`t be having to catch up at the end, and struggle with keeping with schoolwork or internships/jobs. Start planning now, block out time for studying and keep up with assignments. For Juniors, same advice but don`t stress too much as you have one more year left. Start looking for internships and jobs now as when you get to your senior year, you will not want to look and will be tired of looking as you have much work to do. Sophomores: have fun, and enjoy college as it is only your second year and you don`t have much to worry about yet. Get good grades and enjoy time with your friends. And finally Freshman, keep working on keeping yourself balanced and also spend time with you friends, family and loved ones as you have all the time in the world!! I wish I was a freshman again, as I don`t want to leave college and go into the real world!

In other words, for all students keep going and working hard on your school, and life as one day you might not have the chance to enjoy time with others due to work, and other life problems. But just remember, you will make it, and you will graduate one day with a degree. So, keep up the good work and don`t let problems get in your way, because we are halfway there to the end!

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