16 Reasons My Best Friend is Crying

1. She saw an advertisement for unlimited shrimp.

“That’s, like, SO many shrimp! You don’t understand!”

2. An old lady, who had never been, got to go to Disney World.

3. She could hear a sad video another friend was watching from the other room.

4. We found authentic New York Pizza.

5. She got to meet a friend’s new puppy for the first time.

6. She thought about her favorite thing: horses.

7. (SPOILER ALERT) Vinny died on the TV show Bluebloods.

8. There isn’t a cute, old-timey diner anywhere near our campus.

“I just want a good diner!”

9. We found cheer bows on Poshmark. (Clue: She loves bows.)

10. There were no Lo Mein noodles left.

11. Sometimes she will unintelligibly talk about how much she loves animals while sobbing.

12. She saw a little in a sorority get lots of gifts.

13. Other people at a restaurant ate alligator.

14. She wanted a Fat Sandwich from Rutgers University.

15. The movie adaptation of The Giver "wasn't horrible".

16. A chef won The Great British Bake Off.

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