16 Random Times Being Single Was WAY Better
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16 Random Times Being Single Was WAY Better

No one to worry about but yourself.

16 Random Times Being Single Was WAY Better
Alexa Campbell

I scroll down my Facebook feed and constantly come across articles titled "10 Things To Add To Your Bucket List With Your Boyfriend This Summer," or "50 Reasons He's Not Just Your Boyfriend, But Also Your Best Friend," and I have just one thing to say about such articles—blech.

There's nothing wrong with being in a relationship. It's a beautiful thing when two individuals can connect on a deeper level and share affection toward one another. But relationships also mean sacrifice. Even if all your sacrificing is something as simple as not eating at the restaurant of your choice that night, it's still giving up something you wouldn't have if you were on your own. Society overlooks the perks of being single while always glorifying having someone by your side. So, here's some quick reminders of some specific times that single people can just say, "thank GOD."

1. When your about to make popcorn and you realize the whole bag is just for you.

2. When you always get the aux.

3. When you just want to be lazy and don't want to leave bed, and there's no obligation to be with another person.

4. When you want Chipotle and you realize your imaginary boyfriend may have opted for Moe's.

5. When you realize you don't have to go put on a polished act for a family dinner at your imaginary boyfriend's house.

6. When you're at the bar and you blow off a pushy guy and he asks “Why, do you have a boyfriend?" and you just get to say, “No. I just don't like you."

7. Going home after a night out and realizing the only boy you have to worry about seeing is the pizza delivery guy.

8. When you get to watch your favorite shows, such as OTH, Friends, Gossip Girl, PLL, you name it, rather than watching shows like South Park or Rick and Morty.

9. When there's no one to stop you from watching Legally Blonde for the fifth time that week.

10. When it's around Christmas time and you get to spend the extra cash you saved for presents on yourself rather than a boy.

11. When you don't have to base your work schedule around another individual.

12. When you don't owe an explanation to anyone that your guy best friend is JUST your friend.

13. When you're planning your future and you are just worrying about you.

14. When you realize that your future may hold a guy who is finally worthy of you and there's beauty in the unknown.

15. When you realize that you can depend on just yourself and do just fine.

16. When you realize that not only can you depend on yourself, but you can get to know yourself a whole lot better when you aren't as focused on someone else.

And with that, you can learn to love yourself, which is way more important than loving some immature boy.

In closing, next time you're on social media and you happen to come across an article titled "5 Times I Knew He Was The One," or some other nauseating piece and you start to feel lonely, put on a movie of your choosing, eat some ice cream, and remember that you don't have to share.

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