Do you ever just think about the most random things and get so frustrated thinking about it? Like saying your name over and over again until it sounds like a foreign word. Why does that happen? Sometimes, thinking about certain concepts is mind-boggling...and here a few I'm sure everyone has thought of beyond the point of frustation.

1. The concept of forever

When you think about it, and I mean really think about it, forever is a loooooong time. When we die, it's forever. Like what the heck are we supposed to do until the end of time...

2. You've only ever seen you're reflection

Thinking about living my whole life in this body, but never actually seeing it from a perspective other than a reflection just makes me feel uncomfortable.

3. Why does cartoon food look so tasty?

I swear, every time I watch a cartoon and someone starts eating an apple or pizza, it looks SO DELICIOUS. Why does a cartoon apple make me salivate more than a real apple?

4. What came first...the chicken or the egg?

I hate when people ask me this question because who will ever figure out the answer to it? The chicken develops from the egg...yet you need a chicken to lay the egg in the first place...gah!!!!!

5. Time

In this moment, this very second, you are the oldest and the youngest you will ever be. How is that possible?

6. Breaking down technology and other scientific gadgets

I know some genius scientist can explain this to me, but when I'm daydreaming, I wonder how little waves or whatever they are can transmit colors and pictures to create what is now HDTV. How does that happen? Who thinks of these things? The TV is connected to cable, and from cable comes the show you are in the world does it get there?

7. Where feelings come from

Why does my chest burn when I'm feeling something? How come there is no organ called "center of feelings"?

8. The sound of words

In the comfort of my loneliness, I will say my name out loud so much that after a few times it sounds like a totally foreign word.

9. Dreaming

How am I supposed to believe when I am told dreams only occur a quarter of a second but when I'm dreaming them it feels like it's happening in real time?

10. No one has ever been in an empty room

Sure the room you're standing in may have no furniture, but since you are currently there, it is not empty.

11. The size of the universe

12. You have a death anniversary, you just don't know what date it is yet.

You've lived on the date that you are going to just don't know when it is.

13. If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants...then technically your pants are tucked into your shirt.

14. How many places you've been for the first and last time

The bathroom you used at a rest stop...was probably your first and last visit all in one trip!

15. If your mom and dad never conceived you together...would you be alive in the form of someone else...with different parents?!

16. How do we know if this isn't our first life?