16 Facts That Prove You Grew Up As A Pittsburgh Kid
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16 Facts That Prove You Grew Up As A Pittsburgh Kid

You know you're from Pittsburgh when...

16 Facts That Prove You Grew Up As A Pittsburgh Kid
Alex Barone

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been the center of conversation in the media lately. There is one neighborhood near the city in particular that has been rated the best place to raise a family. I live in the hometown that was given this astounding recognition. We are proud people, and no matter how miles you travel to leave Pittsburgh, you always come back home. The city itself may be small, but when you head up to Mt. Washington and stand on the concrete pads, you see the beauty, bridges, lights and hardworking men and women from over hundreds of years. Just keep praying those platforms don’t crumble and fall with the landslides.

Here’s 16 signs you grew up as a Pittsburgh kid:

1. It does not make a difference to you if you were born and raised in the city or 30 to 40 minutes away.

You still tell everybody you meet that you are from Pittsburgh.

2. You have the perfect mix of city and country.

3. You bleed black and gold.

You probably even had black and gold gumbands on your braces in middle school. (But you’ve deleted all those pictures from your point and shoot camera.)

4. You are proud of your accent.

Apparently Pittsburghese is rated as one of the most terrible accents in the country. Does that bother you? Nope, not one bit, not even when everyone in the world tries to correct your grammar.

5. When you ask a question, people think you are making a statement and tend not to respond to your curiosity.

6. It’s pop, not soda.

7. Heinz ketchup is the only ketchup you will dip your fries in.

The purple and green ketchup that Heinz had ten years ago was good and you loved it.

8. Pierogies are a slice of potato heaven, and you love them even more when your favorite pierogi wins the race at PNC Park. Go Hannah!

9. You get excited to see Primanti Brothers when vacationing in a different state, because where else do they put coleslaw and french fries on a "sammich"?

10. Hearing the words “Kennywood is open” was the most embarrassing thing to hear in elementary school.

And when someone called you out for it, especially the girl or guy who you had a crush on, you blushed and tried to play it off like you didn’t care.

11. Kennywood day was one of the best days of the year from age 6 to 13.

Every school district had a rivalry, and when those two districts had the same K-wood day, there were many fights and name-calling. Especially when you were in line next to them at the Phantom.

12. Mikey and Big Bob is the only reason you turn on the radio.

13. You all think that Pittsburgh Dad is actually your dad in disguise.

14. Whenever you see someone wearing Steelers clothing out of state, you can’t help but yell, “Go Stillers!”

15. You’re watching a movie and recognize a place from Pittsburgh, and automatically start shouting, “I know where that is. I’ve been there before!”

16. Oh, and you definitely listened to Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa before they were famous.

Pittsburgh is by far one of the coolest places you will ever live. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, and Pittsburghers know how to tailgate for special occasions. Ask Kenny Chesney why he wasn’t allowed back in 2014 to perform.

So to the kids who are anxious to leave the City of Bridges, you may just want to wait a few years, because according to the Business Insider, Pittsburgh is the new up and coming place for Millennials to live and work. And remember, no matter where you go in this country or world, you will always somehow magically run into a Pittsburgh fan.

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