1. Burns are the best.

My personal faves:

"Honest Abe never lied. That's the big difference between him and you!" - Trump to Clinton

"He lives in an alternate reality." - Hillz about Trump

"She didn't interrupt you" - Anderson Cooper

2. Media take over.

They dominated campus with their broadcasting, but the opportunities to be on TV were amazing! Also, beware of Mexican comedy shows. I speak from personal experience.

3. People get creative with their signs. REALLY creative.

4. Hosting the debate requires the campus to build walls. Now they're taking them down. Sorry, Trump.

5. Halloween comes a couple weeks early.

6. The second presidential debate was basically the first presidential debate + Ken Bone (the guy who asked that one question about energy).

^^ I'm in the front row behind the CNN reporter in this quality shot of a TV screen.

7. The debate was a little like a sissy fight.

Direct quote from my roommate: "I expected it [the debate] to be more formal... They were like 5-year olds, or at least he [Trump] was."

8. Being a debate volunteer is quite a unique experience.

I got to drive a senator and some elderly alumni in a golf cart!

9. Getting out there and meeting politicians, famous news anchors, anyone and everyone, is so worth it. Even if unfinished homework awaits at 3am.

10. Taking advantage of opportunities means a lot running and homework on the go. No need to squeeze in extra steps this weekend.

11. Writing and taking photos is so important for the #facebook and the #fam. Also for article writing. 😉

12. Clydesdale horses are the best. Way to make a statement, WashU!

13. Security was so not the bomb.com.

Secret Service and police travelled in flocks on bikes and many parts of campus were shut down for security purposes. There was a lot of security, and it was certainly a necessary precaution, but a little overwhelming at times. My roommate, yes her again, commented, "The whole world's not stopping for us... We still had places to be [and] it made it very hard for us to get around."

14. Access to the actual debate was super limited, but after the debate was fair game. Standing in the same place that Trump and Clinton were in just an hour or so prior was so surreal.

15. Not quite sure that the debate made me more excited to vote for our next president, but it certainly made me proud of WashU. #gobears