15 years after 9/11

Fifteen years ago, there was an attack on U.S. soil. The first attack since the Revolutionary War. Fifteen years ago, thousands of people died and changed the course of America forever. Now, we're bombarded by political agendas, racial profiling, Islamophobia, ever increasing flight security, and terminology that may not be the best way to refer to a subject. Regardless of where you fall on the political subject, we must put that aside for the day and honor the memories of all the fallen of 9/11.

We should #neverforget why the attack happened or why we stand together in solidarity following the attack. With the ever growing attacks in Europe, we need to recognize a need to support those who have been hurt or lost their family. Even today, fifteen years after the attack on the World Trade Centers, we still come together for a day and support our loved and our lost.

The 9/11 Day of Remembrance is a time to:

Remember those who lost their lives on that day.

Remember the wounded of that day.

Support the families who lost a loved one.

Remember the first responders who gave hours of their day to help the wounded.

Remember the first responders who died saving lives.

Remember how our country came together to support the families of the dead and wounded.

The Day of Remembrance should be about the World Trade Center and all of those that lost their lives in the attack, or in helping those who were wounded. On this day, we should be concentrated about remembering solidarity and taking up solidarity in the years to come. Forget about politics today and remember those who were killed or injured on a day of great sadness. And most importantly... #neverforget

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