Although there are quite a few other problems that go through your everyday college life, there are some that leave you just a little more bitter than others. Stay tuned for these top 15 first world problems my fellow readers and enjoy!

1. Tapping on your phone wondering why it didn't wake you up for your 8 a.m. only to realize that it has already died before the day has even started.

2. Even if you wake up earlier than usual and your phone didn’t die, you still manage to be late to class.

3. Not being able to find the free online version of a text book, so you have to carry around the hard copy like you’re some sort of cave monkey.

4. Weeks have gone by without doing laundry and you officially have nothing to wear.

5. When your laptop is about to die, but your charger is “too far away."

6. Standing in a long line at a school event for the free t-shirts only to find out that they already ran out.

7. Double spacing, fixing the font, letter sizing and extending your topic explanations as much as possible, and yet you still have three more pages to write on your essay.

8. Your workout buddy goes home for the weekend so you have to workout alone.


9. After a long day of life, jumping into bed and then realizing you forgot to turn the bedroom light off.

10. Realizing you have already used your last Pandora skip for the day.

11. Seeing a picture of you and your BFF’s turning up last weekend at a party/Fry Street on your social media news feed and everyone is tagged in the picture except you.

12. Your roommate's bf/gf is in the house and you accidentally forgot your bathing towel before stepping into the shower.

13. When people still make "Napoleon Dynamite" jokes, and you still haven’t watched the movie, but you know who Pedro is.

14. When you have to insert your phone charger on at a certain side, while placed at an angle, and bent a certain way because you’re too broke to buy a new charger.

15. Making cereal in the morning only to find out that your roommate used the last clean spoon.