15 Ways To Be A Better Person
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15 Ways To Be A Better Person

Hints on how to be a happier person.

15 Ways To Be A Better Person

1. Wear comfortable underwear.

What’s sexy is being natural and comfortable.

2. Drink coffee.

Coffee is one of the biggest antioxidants in the American diet.

3. Stare into the eyes of someone you love (or want to love) for exactly four minutes.

Not one, two or even three, but four! Two minutes is just enough to be terrified. Four minutes really goes somewhere.

4. Don't go ghost.

Don’t break up with someone or end a relationship by simply disappearing from their lives. One day, it could be you on the other end of that unanswered call or text.

5. Be nice to babies.

Even if you are on a plane and they are screaming. Knowing how to be tactful in such situations is a great way to demonstrate your ability to remain calm and cool.

6. Dress in a way that makes you feel powerful.

If you feel good in your clothes, it affects you psychologically somehow. Dress for daily success!

7. If you divorce, play nice.

Maybe you will be able to pull off the unthinkable. Anyone can show how “ugly” and mean they can be, but even in this situation is a chance to demonstrate extreme maturity.

8. Toss the cigarettes.

Long term physical health and a positive attitude can all come from abandoning smoking. Also, quitting this habit allows for you to be around a different type of crowd of people who do not smoke or partake of tobacco products.

9. Get a pet.

It may be true at that you cannot really cure depression, but you can get better at living with it. A pet can help you to feel appreciated, loved, and depended on in a positive way that can lift one’s spirits and reduce or slow depression.

10. Take on a seemingly impossible task.

When you are feeling as if you have hit rock bottom, maybe it’s time to challenge yourself. Losing weight, running, walking, a new hobby, traveling or going back to school can help you find purpose and focus.

11. If you would like to keep your marriage together, then stick it out.

No relationship has ever been without it’s trials and tribulations, but communication and working together are paramount. Struggle and difficult times are and always will be a part of life, but learning and knowing how to manage these times can produce a long and healthy relationship.

12. Put sex first.

To save a relationship that seems in danger of running aground, try something new in couples therapy: tackling bedroom issues before diving into the rest of it.

13. Make sure that you are the boss of your electronic devices.

Rather than letting your electronic devices control and rule you, try instituting a few rules for when you do and do not use your phone.

14. Relish the phrase, “I’m too old for this.”

“There is also something profoundly liberating about aging: an attitude, one that comes hard won,” wrote Dominique Browning. “Only when you hit 60 can you begin to say, with great aplomb, ‘I’m too old for this.’”

15. Be generous to those who have helped you.

Never forget where you come from or those who stood by your side during your struggles. Just remember…Karma.

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