I'm an English major, so naturally I have a minor obsession with words. I find it so interesting that a few letters and sounds have incredible power when put together in a certain way. All nerdy fascination aside, here are some words I've discovered through the wonderful Oxford Dictionary that I think we should start using more often just to spice things up a bit.

1. Argle-bargle

copious but meaningless talk or writing  

When you’re an English major, you use argle-bargle to make that 10 page minimum. You also use it when you didn’t read the 238 pages that were assigned the night before, but you still want to get a solid participation grade and impress your professor.

2. Bibliopole

a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones
Basically, a word-lover’s drug dealer. But seriously, what’s more addicting than a good book?

3. Borborygmus

a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines

Literally just a fun way to say “I’m hungry and my stomach is letting you know. Feed me or I may eat you.”

4. Callipygian

having shapely buttocks

Ha, ha, buttocks. (Yes, I’m actually five.)

5. Colporteur

a person who peddles books, newspapers, or other writings,
especially bibles and religious tracts

Again, a drug dealer for people who love to read (aka, the people who have souls).

6. Eucatastrophe

a happy ending to a story  

The thing all creative writing majors both love and hate. And love to hate. And hate to love. It's a complicated relationship.

7. Edacious

having to do with eating or fond of eating

Funnily enough, “edacious” is actually synonymous for “me.”

8. Hoddy-noddy

 a foolish person

Why are we not using this word? I don’t understand how this word has not found its way into our vernacular. Seriously, I’m going to call everyone I’m annoyed with a hoddy-noddy from on. Just say it. No, seriously, say it out loud. Doesn’t it just sound beautiful and funny and hoity-toity? It’s meant to be.

9. Logomachy

an argument about words

I’m not really sure what an argument about words would even look or sound like, but I am curious as to why it has its own definition. At least now I can say, when I finally come across an argument about words, “Ah, yes, what an interesting logomachy,” and sound like I actually understand words when I really don’t.

10. Mouse potato

a person who spends large amounts of their leisure or working time
on a computer

Basically, every college student ever.

11. Screenager

a person in their teens or twenties who has an aptitude for using
computers and the Internet

Also, every college student ever.

12. Wayzgoose

an annual summer party and outing that used to be held by a 
printing house for all its employees

I would have worked really hard to get a job at a printing house just so I can tell people “Sorry, I can’t hang out tonight, I have to go to a wazygoose.”

13. Triskaidekaphobia

extreme superstition about the number thirteen

Honestly, as an English major, all numbers scare me.

14. Rawky

foggy, damp, and cold

Me: “Blowing Rock was very rawky today.”

Friend: “Rock is in the name, of course it’s rocky.”

Me: “No, no rawky.”

Friend: “You’re rocky.”

Me: “Don’t be a hoddy-noddy.”

15. Pooter

a suction bottle for collecting insects and other small

I literally have no idea what a pooter actually looks like, but if you say it twelve times fast, you sound like a train. Go on, try it. You know you want to.