15 Times "The Office" Explained Post Spring Break For College Students

15 Times "The Office" Explained Post Spring Break For College Students

"I am dead inside." – Michael Scott


Let’s face it. It’s the time of year again where everything seems to be speeding up—professors are loading you down with homework and assignments, clubs and other extracurriculars are trying to plan the last big event of the year, you’re trying to find a good summer internship or job that will look great on your resume, or you’re just trying to finish a good show on Netflix before it is replaced by something mediocre.

(I’m only slightly bitter Scrubs is leaving Netflix, as you can probably tell.)

But students on campuses far and wide are all struggling with the same things right about now. Whether it’s the warmth of summer looming ahead, the amount of stuff we’ve got to do, or just the very simple fact that there’s less than one month of school left before break, our minds are already trying to board that plane to our happy place.

Here are 15 things you know and feel during this time of year as a college student, as told by The Office.

1. When you’re running out of excused skips in your classes.

2. When your meal plan is getting low on swipes/money.

3. When you really just want to take a nap, but you have 2349786394578 other things to do.

4. When your friends ask you to go out, but even that is losing its appeal because it means leaving the comfort of your room.

5. When you get a taste of summer, be it in temperature or the sun peeking out from behind clouds.

6. When professors start talking about final projects and exams.

7. When you remember you’re going to have to leave your friends and be separated from them for a whole THREE MONTHS.

8. When your professors realize that they’ve slacked off during the first half of the semester and are suddenly giving you millions of assignments to fulfill their teaching criteria.

9. When you get more than 4 hours of sleep on a weekday.

10. When you’re applying for internships and are just plain hoping you get something.

11. When you don’t even bother doing the reading anymore because there’s one more month of this stupid class left, and you’re going to sell the textbook anyway.

12. When you look at your current grades and calculate what you need to pass the final and the class.

13. When you realize you’ve blown most of your savings trying to do fun stuff around your school to get your mind off of classes.

14. When it's all just too much.

15. When you study hard and kill your finals, and it's finally summer!

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