15 Times "The Mindy Project" Spoke Truth

1. When Mindy stood up for all the curvy girls:

2. When Mindy let us all know that being a mess is not always that bad:

3. When Danny reminded us all to keep following our dreams:

4. When Mindy knew it was time to find her Kanye:

5. When Jeremy told us all we needed to know, about the dating game:

6. When Mindy reminded us all what the real American Dream is:

7. When Mindy explained love better than anyone else could:

8. When Danny caught the FEVER:

9. When Mindy said what every girl is thinking:

10. When Danny decided to blatantly insult every architect major know to mankind:

11. When Morgan kept it real like he always do:

12. When we all took a moment of silence and entered the DANGER ZONE!

13. When Danny described the way I feel everyday of my life:

14. When James Franco guest starred #BaeGoals:

15. When I knew that Mindy Lahiri was truly my ~SPIRIT ANIMAL~:

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